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Customer Charter 


Welcome to Queensland Rail's customer charter. 

Our Customer Charter sets out our commitment to provide customers with the service they have the right to expect.

Our Charter addresses five key areas our customers have told us are most important to them. Everyday we strive to deliver against these commitments and everyday we strive to do better. We are future oriented and focused on making our already great service even better. You can find out more about each service commitment by clicking on the headings below or to the side.

As a part of Queensland Rail’s commitment to the environment, paper copies are available on request at stations and local Queensland Rail Travel Centres. A copy of our Charter is available for download here (PDF, 72.4KB).

We will use customer feedback and research when reviewing our Charter annually.

We are proud of the service we deliver and we provide information on how we are performing against our commitments. This information is available on the Customer Charter dashboard and with each commitment below.

As our Charter is reviewed and revised over time, the way its performance is measured will also be improved and the new measures provided as they become available.

Our Commitments to You

Your safety Your safety & security   Your comfort Your surroundings
We aim to be Australia’s safest railway. Your safety and security is our number one priority. We are committed to constantly improving the personal safety and security of our customers and our people.   We provide a clean and tidy environment by keeping our assets well maintained. We are committed to improving your comfort onboard the train by managing seating capacity to minimise crowding.
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Your time Your time   Your personal service  Your customer service
We aim to be Australia’s best performing railway by providing regular, reliable services. Sometimes problems occur outside of our control which affect your journey. We will do everything we can to maximise the number of services arriving on time and minimise the number of services cancelled.   We provide excellent customer service. We have a dedicated customer focused team who are ready to assist you. We work hard to meet your needs and expectations. We strive to improve on our service by welcoming feedback
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Your information Your information
We understand the importance of having accurate, timely information. When incidents happen on our network, we will let you know the details so you can make informed travel decisions.   
General Enquiries:

To give feedback on Queensland Rail's Customer Charter, or for more information, please contact us at:


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13 16 17
(7.15am - 5.30pm EST; Mon-Fri)


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