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Access to Queensland Rail Premises 

At Queensland Rail, we often receive requests for access to our premises. Information is provided below.

Media Requests

Please direct all media requests for access to Queensland Rail property (ie trains, stations, freight forwarding facilities, Infrastructure Depots, railway tracks and sites) to the Manager, Corporate Affairs at Queensland Rail.

Commercial Filming and Photography requests

Queensland Rail stations and properties are regularly featured in news stories, television series, documentaries, newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements and TV commercials.

While we welcome requests from film crews and photographers, each request is considered on an individual bases and we do ask that you understand that we are running an operational railway and can only grant requests if they fall within our safety guidelines.

For more information on the above, please send an email enquiry to  

Commercial dealings such as filming of feature films are managed by Queensland Rail Property, in accordance with the Commercial Filming Guidelines Queensland Rail Property and Assets (PDF, 172KB) guideline.

For more information on these types of dealings, please send an email enquiry to  

Rail Enthusiasts and Amateur Photography Requests

The following guidelines have been developed to enable all rail enthusiasts, students and amateur photographers to pursue their hobby in a safe and enjoyable manner. These guidelines apply only to publicly accessible areas controlled by Queensland Rail. (Airtrain is a privately owned railway and permission to film or photograph on the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal Stations must be sought from Airtrain City Link Ltd.) By entering a Queensland Rail premises you agree to follow and be bound by these guidelines.

It is the priority of Queensland Rail operations to ensure the safety of Queensland Rail employees, customers and visitors to Queensland Rail property.


 Queensland Rail Enthusiast, Secondary Student and Amateur Photography Guidelines - effective January 2013 (PDF, 24KB)

Accepted Filming And Photographic Equipment

Flash photography and video camera equipment using additional lighting on platforms in the direction of oncoming trains is not permitted. Flash photography and lighting poses a hazard to train drivers and Queensland Rail staff.

Following is a list of approved photographic equipment:

  • Camera phones
  • SLR Camera
  • Hand held digital camera (video or still)
  • Ordinary video camera
  • Tri-pods – must be kept behind the yellow safety line at all times and are not to impede passenger traffic flows on platforms, overhead bridges, subways etc.

Accepted Filming And Photographic Locations

Rail enthusiasts and amateur photographers are only permitted to access Queensland Rail property which is normally accessed by passengers and the general public. This includes platforms, station buildings (as accessed by the public), public access ways, over head bridges and underpasses. Taking photos in public areas, including station platforms is permitted provided it is for personal use. For any commercial photography prior permission must be obtained by contacting Queensland Promotions & Events.

Passengers with physical impairments require un-obstructed access to certain platform areas such as tactile tiles and wheelchair access points. These areas must not be obstructed and all instructions from Queensland Rail staff regarding these locations must be followed.

Photography of Closed Circuit TV Cameras, security related equipment and/or graffiti is not permitted. This means that these subjects are not permitted to be the primary content of the photography.

Our Expectations Of You

  • Obey the direction of Queensland Rail staff such as Station Masters, Station Officers, Porters, Transit Officers/Ticket Inspectors, Rail Squad and Track Protection Officers at all times. Please be aware Transit Officers are authorised under the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 to request a person to leave Queensland Rail Property and use reasonable force if required.
  • Act safely and sensibly at all times.
  • Lead by example on rail safety and stay clear of the platform edge and remain behind the yellow safety line at all times. Your equipment must remain below the yellow safety line at all times.
  • Do not trespass onto any area of Queensland Rail property that is not open to the public ie. rail corridor, rail workshops and do not climb on any structure such as signals, over head wiring structures etc.
  • Do not obstruct any signalling equipment or signs that are vital to the safe running of the railway.
  • Avoid congregating at busy areas of the station and platform or where you may interfere with the regular passenger traffic flow.
  • You should not wear safety vests or similar high visibility clothing as there is no need for this in public areas. Green, red and yellow clothing should also be avoided near signals.
  • Use of a tripod may cause a dangerous obstruction to passengers and you may be asked not to use one. When they are being used, tripod legs must be kept behind the yellow line at all times.

Security Considerations

Be aware of your surroundings as your presence at the station can be a positive security benefit. We ask you to take note of anything unusual and report anything suspicious to a member of station staff.

Queensland Rail has rigorous measures in place to provide for the security and safety for its employees, passengers and visitors. Our staff remain vigilant and are trained to report any suspicious activity in and around our businesses.

Commonwealth departments have advised Queensland Rail that terrorist attack planners often engage in pre-attack reconnaissance. This may include taking pictures of likely targets and consequently you should be aware of the perception you may create. For this reason it is important that you comply with the above request to make yourself known to Queensland Rail staff.

Additionally, it is likely that terrorist or criminal elements use the internet as a tool to receive information and photographs of sites to conduct their planning. This may include criminal activity such as vandalism or graffiti. Investigations of such incidents will include internet sites and persons who have made such information available.

It is therefore advised that people taking photography or filming Queensland Rail assets in accordance with these guidelines do not make this information available to the public or on the internet. This will ensure that any images taken are not misused and rail enthusiasts can continue to enjoy their hobby.

For further information regarding filming on Queensland Rail Property please send an email to

Disclaimer/Exclusion Of Liability

Rail Enthusiasts and Amateur photographers enter Queensland Rail premises solely at their own risk. Queensland Rail accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury (whether to persons or property) to these entrants (or caused by the entrants) in connection with their presence on Queensland Rail premises.


It is Queensland Rail’s requirement that all persons entering Queensland Rail property for the purposes of work be instructed in basic rail safety. Where necessary ALL persons must complete applicable Queensland Rail basic electrical and trackside safety awareness courses. Participants are charged a fee for attending these courses. Details are available from Contractors / Suppliers.


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