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Positive pARTnerships 


The positive pARTnerships program aims to work with community groups, local schools, and other stakeholders to jointly produce high quality public artwork and instil community pride in rail infrastructure.

To date, the Positive pARTnerships program has delivered 90 projects which cover approximately 19123.37 square meters across the Queensland Rail City network. This includes station buildings, subways, bike lockers, car park banners, ramps, and lift wells.

Positive pARTnerships projects


Milton station

Milton stationStage two of the Milton station art project was unveiled to customers on in February 2013, building upon the artworks delivered by stage one in 2010.

Stage two has converted the Milton station underpass, located on the corner of Milton and Park Roads, with a contemporary and youthful mural spanning 304 square metres.

Like many parts of South East Queensland, this vibrant inner city suburb felt the devastating effects of the floods in early 2011. The Milton station art project aims to rejuvenate the underpass area, and instil community pride in this heavily patronised station.

Queensland Rail, as part of the Magnificent Milton campaign, hosted a photographic art competition which encouraged local photographers to showcase what they love about Milton.

A selection of these entries was incorporated into the mural design, which featured the cosmopolitan café scene, schools, iconic imagery and sporting activities in the area.

In addition to this, Queensland Rail partnered with various schools and community groups to gather their input for the mural, including the Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce, Westpac Bank, Toowong City Council, Government House and students from Milton State School, Albert Park Flexi School and Premier Dance Academy.

Bundaberg stationBundaberg station

In 2012, the program extended to regional Queensland, delivering a 72 square metre mural at Bundaberg station. Officially launched on 23 February, the mural features Bundaberg’s rich history including the sugarcane industry, spear fishing from a canoe, wildlife and Bert Hinkler’s plane.

Twelve small bronze turtle sculptures were also installed alongside a new bench seat, which were inspired by the nearby Mon Repos Beach (approximately 12kim from Bundaberg and home to Australia’s largest turtle colony).

The lifelike sculptures showcase a turtle’s journey from sand to the ocean.

The Positive pARTnerships team met with various local community groups to gain creative inspiration for these artworks, including year 10 and 11 students from St Luke’s Anglican School, Bundaberg Railway Historical Society, Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Fairymead House, The Hinkler Museum and indigenous representative Burnie Johnson.

Keperra stationKeperra to Ferny Grove rail duplication project

As part of the Keperra to Ferny Grove Rail duplication project, a combination of mural and stencil work was completed on the newly built retaining walls along the rail corridor.

Positive pARTnerships worked closely with the Keperra Golf Club for the design of the new art works which span across 248 square metres and focus on a theme of ‘nature’.

Eden’s Landing station Eden's landing

Eden’s Landing station received an artistic makeover in late 2012 which focused on the natural history of the area and plays on notions of the ‘Garden of Eden’. The art works include images of the Logan River, native flora and fauna, and a colourful background developed from pattern work of Waterford West Primary School and Eden’s Landing State School students.

In particular, a number of rare and endangered animals were incorporated, including the tusked frog, spotted quoll, rainbow lorikeet, scrub turkey, red-necked pademelon and the sulfar crested cockatoo.
Holmview station

Positive pARTnerships paid homage to the rich history of the Homview area, by installing historically inspired artworks at Holmview station.

The team worked with Boystown youth to select photographs of the icons they felt best represented the area and to develop these into artworks.

Featuring historical landmarks including The Royal Hotel, Mount Warren and other scenic rim mountains, cane fields and the brewing industry, these artworks inspired the final designs which were painted, with the assistance of Boystown participants, and installed in late 2012.

Bethania station

Bethania stationPositive pARTnerships engaged students from Canturbury College Arts Academy to help produce abstract patterns, which formed the background for artworks to beautify Bethania station in 2012.

The abstract patterns were complimented with paintings of freshwater fish native to the Logan and Gold Coast water ways, including the River Blackfish, Welch Grunter and Sleepy Cod.

The students also created stencils, which Positive pARTnerships and Loganlea High School students used to paint imagery on the station bike lockers.

The stencils featured local insects, including the dainty swallowtail butterfly, hedge Grashopper, Australian Admiral Butterfly,

Hibiscus Harlequin bug, Titan stick insect and Hawk Moth Caterpillar.


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