Toowoomba Range Clearance Upgrade

​Project overview

Queensland Rail is undertaking tunnel floor lowering works through 11 rail tunnels on the Toowoomba Range and Little Liverpool Range.

This project will ensure rail is a more attractive and viable option for industries which use larger containers to get their goods to the Port of Brisbane for export, and help to improve the overall competitiveness of the agricultural sector in the south-west region.

The tunnels to be lowered are stone and brick lined and were constructed in the 1860s on Australia's first main rail line through the Great Dividing Range. This project will strike a balance between maintaining the heritage status of the tunnels while providing the modern day upgrade that is required.

What is involved?

The majority of works will be undertaken during scheduled monthly track closures, with works occurring on a 24-hour basis during these times to minimise the impacts to freight and passenger services.

Preparation works have been completed during two scheduled track closures in January and February 2018. The first tunnel lowering works will occur during a 10 day closure in April 2018. The project is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

It is anticipated that the timing and nature of the works may have temporary construction impacts on surrounding residences, including increased noise, dust and light levels. All works will occur within the rail alignment, and a number of laydown areas adjacent to the rail line at Blue Mountain Heights, Spring Bluff and near Grandchester. Queensland Rail will ensure neighboring residences are advised in advance of works occurring in their area.

Keeping you informed

Queensland Rail is committed to keeping stakeholders and the community informed about this project. For more information, please phone 13 16 17 or email


  • Works notice - Spring Bluff and Murphys Creek PDF | DOC

  • Works notice - Six Chain - May 2018 PDF | DOC

  • Works notice - Blue Mountain Heights - May 2018 PDF | DOC

  • Works notice - Victoria Tunnel - April 2018 (PDF | DOC)

  • Works notice - Murphy's Creek and Holmes - April 2018 (PDF | DOC)

  • Works notice - Blue Mountain Heights - April 2018 (PDF | DOC)

  • Works notice - February 2018 (PDF | DOC)

  • Works notice - January 2017 (PDF | DOC)