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Lost property enquiries

Lost property enquiries 


All lost property found on Queensland Rail stations and rail services is stored centrally at the Lost Property

Please be aware, it may take several days from the time the item of lost property is found to its arrival at the
Lost Property Office.

To enquire about lost property, you can:

  • Phone 13 16 17 during business hours
  • Fill in lost property online enquiry form
  • Visit the Lost Property Office at Roma Street Station during business hours
    - located in the subway (opposite the ticket window)

Lost Property Office Business Hours

7.30amĀ - 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

If you have lost a mobile phone

If a Mobile Phone has been lost, a SIM or IMEI number* must be provided to the Lost Property Office to
enable a search to be conducted. These numbers can be obtained from your service provider.

*SIM: Subscriber identity module; IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity

If you have lost a passport

If an international passport is found on Queensland Rail property, we will return it as soon as possible to the
Australian address of the relevant consulate via registered post.

An Australian passport will be returned to the Passport Office at 150 Charlotte Street, Brisbane.

To recover a lost passport, you will need to contact the relevant consulate or passport office.

Our Lost Property Office can advise if your passport has been found on Queensland Rail property.

What to do if you find lost property

Please hand in lost property at any staffed railway station


Contact us

For general enquiries:

- 13 16 17 (within Aust)
- 0061 7 3072 2222 (outside Aust)

8.00am - 5.00pm EST; Mon-Fri

If you have a hearing or speech impairment:
TTY: 07 3606 5800
- SMS: 0428 774 636

In case of emergency call 000

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