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Downloads & Rail System Maps
South East Queensland

Downloads & Rail System Maps 


Freight Systems

Queensland Rail operates freight systems throughout Queensland and to Interstate, with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and achieving world class safety. 

As network manager of over 7000km of freight and passenger railway track, Queensland Rail facilitates below rail access for a wide range of traffics including agricultural products, passenger trains, intermodal and general freight, and bulk minerals.  The needs of the traffics vary greatly due in their different supply chain dynamics, geographic locations, rail corridor characteristics and interactions with other rail traffics.

To discover more about the network, and its various systems, please use the links provided in the left-hand navigation bar, as well as below.

Network Ownership Maps

Alternatively, diagram information relating to Network Ownership (known as Line Diagrams) may be found here.


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7.15am - 5.30pm EST; Mon-Fri

07 3606 5800

0428 774 636

In case of emergency call 000

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