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Telecommunications Network 


Downloads Queensland Rail owns, operates and maintains a substantial investment in its Telecommunications Backbone Network (TBN). Supplemented by external services, the TBN is used to support Queensland Rail’s operational and business communications.

The key requirements for telecommunication network services within Queensland Rail are dictated by reliability, geographic coverage and technical performance. Working on concepts of Partner, Procure and Provide, Queensland Rail is evolving the TBN to be a digital-based IP platform to better service the needs and expectations of its communications, now and into the future.

For a commercial rate, Queensland Rail offers the opportunity to share the development of wholesale telecommunications infrastructure, and purchase capacity services on its network in the following areas:

  • Tower and Corridor Access
  • Managed Data Services
  • Dark Fibre l

For more information, please contact the Telecommunications Commercial Team, or alternatively follow the links below:



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