Allwood Street, Indooroopilly Bridge Strike Protection Program

​Allwood Street, Indooroopilly

September - November 2015

Queensland Rail has installed protection beams on both sides of the rail bridge over Allwood Street, Indooroopilly. The protection beams will prevent 'over-height' vehicles striking the bridge, improve transport safety and prevent train delays caused by bridge strikes.

Allwood Street, Indooroopilly is the fifth location where these beams have been installed in a State-wide Bridge Strike Protection Program aimed at improving safety at low level rail over road bridges.

Construction commenced in September and protection beams were installed in late October 2015.

The important message for drivers is to know your vehicle height.  The maximum clearance height at Allwood Street, Indooroopilly is 2.8 metres.

New warning signage will be installed by Brisbane City Council.

More Information

If you have any questions about Queensland Rail’s works on Allwood Street, Indooroopilly, please contact Queensland Rail’s customer service team on 13 16 17 or email


  • Media Release - Indooroopilly (PDF | DOC)
  • Fact Sheet - Indooroopilly (PDF  |  DOC)
  • Works notice 1 - Indooroopilly ( PDF | DOC)
  • Works notice 2 - Indooroopilly - Protection Beam Installation (PDF | DOC)