Kuranda Scenic Railway - slope stabilisation project

Queensland Rail has commenced work on a $12.6 million construction project on the Kuranda Scenic Railway network. Built more than 125 years ago, the 75 kilometre railway winds through a dense tropical landscape surrounded by steep embankments. The project will improve a number of sites along the Kuranda Scenic Railway route to reduce the likelihood of embankment slips and rock falls.

What is involved?

Queensland Rail identified sites for remedial works following a risk assessment study undertaken along the Kuranda Range. To ensure the continued operation of the Kuranda Scenic Railway, a number of construction solutions will be implemented, including:

  • removal of loose rock from slopes
  • installation of rock fall barriers
  • removal of vegetation
  • construction of drainage
  • upgrade of existing debris barriers
  • planting of new trees.

Construction impacts

Works to stabilise five sites began in October 2016 with project completion expected by the end of May 2017.

Work crews will travel to the sites via an on-track vehicle prior to the first train service of the day. Platforms will be established at each location and qualified rope technicians will carry out required activities. Project equipment and materials will be delivered via helicopters regularly during works.

Works will be undertaken between 6am and 6pm Monday to Saturday in between rail services and during scheduled track maintenance closures.

Residents near the rail line will notice an increase in on-track vehicle movements and noise associated with material delivery via helicopter.

During these works, the Kuranda Scenic Railway will continue to operate as normal, aside from scheduled rail closures.

Caring for the environment

The five year risk assessment study included cultural heritage, environmental and ecological assessments, and extensive above and below rail inspections to identify the required remediation to ensure the sustainability of the Kuranda Scenic Railway. 

Queensland Rail is working closely with the Wet Tropics Management Authority to ensure all project works and associated activities are completed within strict environmental policies and guidelines.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure minimal environmental impact throughout the construction period, with detailed Environmental Management Plans setting construction activity limits and thresholds.

Keeping you informed

Queensland Rail is committed to keeping stakeholders and the community informed about the Kuranda Scenic Railway slope stabilisation project.

For more information, please phone 13 16 17 (between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email communityengagement@qr.com.au.