Oakey Creek timber bridge replacement

Queensland Rail has replaced the timber rail bridge over Oakey Creek, approximately 30 kilometres west of Toowoomba. The new structure will continue the bridge's role as a critical piece of infrastructure serving the region.

Queensland Rail undertook these works in collaboration with Toowoomba Regional Council to ensure the bridge upgrade aligned with Council's strategic requirements.

Project update

The removal of the timber rail bridge and installation of the new 80-metre, seven-span concrete bridge and rail track was completed on Monday 5 October during a 60-hour scheduled track closure.

This work included removing the old bridge and installing the bridge deck on the new piers which had been pre-built underneath the old structure prior to the weekend. 

After an enormous effort by the project team, involving round-the-clock works, the new bridge was certified fit for reopening almost two hours ahead of schedule.

With the reinstatement of Kent Street and the surrounding parkland area, the project was completed in late 2015.

Queensland Rail has appreciated the cooperation of the local community throughout these important works. For more information about this project please phone 13 16 17 (between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email communityengagement@qr.com.au.


Fact sheets

  • Oakey Creek Timber Bridge Fact Sheet PDF | DOC

Works notices

  • Works Notice 1 (Jul 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 2 (Aug 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 3 (Sep 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 4 (Sep 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 5 (Oct 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 6 (Nov 2015) PDF | DOC
  • Works Notice 7 (Dec 2015) PDF | DOC