Heavy Metal Stops for No One

In August 2018, in conjunction with Rail Safety Week, we launched the ‘Heavy Metal Stops For No One’ campaign. The campaign features an 80s-inspired heavy metal rock band warning drivers and pedestrians of the dangers of an oncoming heavy metal train.

The issue

In the 2017-18 financial year, 248 near miss incidents were recorded at Queensland Rail level crossings, representing a 33 per cent increase from the year prior. Following this spike in incidents, Queensland Rail set out to develop a new campaign that would capture the attention of risk takers at level crossings and encourage behaviour change.

The campaign

The campaign used a heavy metal band to represent an oncoming fast, loud, heavy metal train. Visual cues included the track and road at a level crossing and a guitar representing a level crossing sign. Audio included klaxon (horn) and crossing alarms with Queensland Rail’s safety messages featured in the song lyrics.

Song lyrics

“Stop! Beware, obey the signs.
“Look Flashing lights – don’t cross the line.
“Listen! Warning bells mean wait there son.
“Because heavy metal stops for no one!”

Launched at Queensland Rail’s Ekka pavilion, the final rollout of the campaign featured in print advertising, highway billboards, and static advertising at train stations, in addition to three short videos which were pushed out via social media, digital advertising screens at stations and via digital advertising on websites and on-demand TV applications. The campaign was also integrated into Queensland Rail’s ongoing safety presentations at schools, with key words such as ‘Stop’, ‘Look’, and ‘Listen’, applied to actions for young students to follow.

While the campaign was in market in late 2018, we saw an almost 20 per cent decrease in the number of near misses at Queensland Rail level crossings compared to the same period during 2017.

The campaign was recognised at the 2019 Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Awards, as a joint winner* of the TrackSAFE Foundation Award.

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*Queensland Rail was a joint winner with John Holland, who were recognised for their development of a risk-ranking tool to manage level crossing safety on the NSW Country Regional Network.