156 years of Queensland Rail tales delivered to your smart phone


The rare tales behind Queensland’s rich 156-years of rail are being made available in a Queensland Rail first, with a new podcast delving into its past, from the gold rush era to unravelling how the railways opened up and shaped many towns across the state.

Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy said he was excited to launch the Queensland Rail History Podcast, which would release monthly episodes from 31 July – Queensland Rail’s 156th birthday.

“Queensland Rail has a rich 156-year history of connecting Queensland communities, and we’re looking forward to exploring, capturing and sharing these stories through our very first podcast,” Mr Easy said.

“Our very own historian, Greg Hallam, together with one of our Community Education Officers Annette Caesar, will discuss key moments in our railway history, from where we started in 1865, to now.

“The organisation has served the community through many historical events such as World Wars and pandemics, as well as through advancements in transportation technology and the growth of the state more broadly. 

“Greg has a wealth of knowledge and a real passion for railway history, and we’re excited to be able to capture this and make it available to the community to enjoy.”

Queensland Rail Historian, Greg Hallam, said the podcast has been a joy to create.

“I grew up in a railway family, and so much of my early life was filled with hearing stories of the old days and legendary figures who shaped the railway we have today” Mr Hallam said.

“I guess when you look at it, the beginnings of Queensland Rail right up until the 1940s almost seemed like a ‘heroic period’, perhaps because so much was being created and being literally put into place.

“This podcast aims to share these railway tales and put them into the wider context of the story of Queensland.

“Listeners can expect stories ranging from the beginnings of rail in Queensland, the steam era, to the role of the railways in the defence of Australia in 1942-45 and days when the mail went by rail.

“When it comes to delivering history and documentary style content today, podcasting offers us historians an ideal platform to preserve what we know and share it with others. I’m looking forward to the new adventure.”

The podcast is being recorded in Greg’s hometown of Toowoomba, where much of Queensland Rail’s history commenced.

The podcast is currently available on spotify. Twelve episodes will be released over the next year and listeners will be able to participate in the discussion over through Queensland Rail’s Facebook page.


For further details contact Queensland Rail Corporate Affairs on:

Phone: 07 3072 2180
Email: media@qr.com.au