Queensland Rail calls for customers to slow down and take care after hundreds of slips, trips and falls at stations



LINK TO CCTV VISION: https://vimeo.com/643779066/f8308f0527

Queensland Rail is encouraging commuters to slow down and take care, as more than 500 customers were recorded slipping, tripping and falling on the South East Queensland rail network in 2020-21.

In a bid to promote safer behaviour, the rail provider has launched a new campaign and released confronting footage showing customers rushing for their train, not holding the handrail and even running up the escalators the wrong way, as a warning to others.

Queensland Rail Head of South East Queensland Scott Riedel urged commuters to prioritise their safety, with slips, trips and falls the most common cause of customer injuries on the network, accounting for 77 per cent of customer injuries last financial year.

"Unfortunately, we're continuing to see high numbers of slips, trips and falls across the South East Queensland train network, with 520 incidents in the 2020-21 financial year compared to 478 incidents the year prior," Mr Riedel said.

"We all lead busy lives and while it's tempting to run to make your train, try to beat closing train doors, or rush on escalators or stairs, it's simply not worth injuring yourself just to save a few minutes.

"Injuries on the network can range from a scrape or strain to hospitalisation, with most slips, trips and falls on the train network alarmingly incurred by some of our elderly customers.

"In core peak times, your next train will be along in a matter of minutes on the majority of lines, so we're asking our customers to please avoid rushing at stations and always take care when using the escalators and stairs.

"Not surprisingly, we're seeing the majority of these incident take place at our busies stations - Central and Roma Street.

"We assume with COVID-19 customers may be more reluctant to hold on to handrails on stairs or onboard trains, which is why Queensland Rail has significantly enhanced its cleaning efforts across the network in response to the pandemic and invested in hand sanitiser stations at every SEQ station.

 "We're asking customers to please heed the measures in place for your safety and watch your step next time you're catching a train."

Mr Riedel said Queensland Rail was investing more than $500 million to install lifts and improve accessibility at stations across the SEQ network, to make it safer and easier for all customers, including those travelling with luggage or prams.

"At stations where these facilities are available, we're asking customers to please take the time to use the lift rather than risk your safety with luggage or prams on the escalators, like we're seeing too often at locations like the long-distance terminal at Roma Street," he said.

"Queensland Rail is committed to customer safety and is also investing in a range of engineering solutions designed to prevent injuries. These include raising the boarding point on platforms to reduce the step up to the train, increasing safety signage and staying on top of spot mopping during wet weather conditions."

Mr Riedel advised from this week, commuters will notice a new campaign rolled out to encourage safe behaviour.

"This campaign uses eye catching images and slogans like 'Slipping at Springfield?', 'Tumbling at Toowong?' and 'Distracted at Doomben?' to remind customers to be careful when travelling," Mr Riedel said.

"As well as that, there's targeted messaging around the network and we have a focus on internal and community safety education around the topic."

Brisbane Central station had the most customer injury incidents in the last financial year (72), followed by Roma Street (59), Caboolture (20), Fortitude Valley (19) and Northgate (19).

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