Queensland Rail urges level crossing users to ‘Stay Level Headed’


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This Rail Safety Week 2021 (9-13 August), Queensland Rail is urging pedestrians across the rail network to "Stay Level Headed" at level crossings.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said a new public safety campaign launching today (Monday, 9 August) aimed to encourage Queenslanders to keep safety front of mind, after new data revealed there were 81 close calls between trains and pedestrians at Queensland level crossings in 2020.

"Each of these 81 incidents could have been avoided, had these pedestrians stayed level headed and heeded the warnings in place for their safety at Queensland Rail level crossings," Mr Bailey said.

"We all lead busy lives and it can often be tempting to rush. Whether it's dashing to catch your train, being distracted by devices, or plain carelessness, we need pedestrians to be aware that running the gauntlet at a level crossing can have tragic consequences.

"With trains in South East Queensland travelling at speeds of up to 140 kilometres and unable to stop quickly or swerve, it can take only a matter of seconds for a near miss to turn into a tragedy.

"Near miss and collision incidents can have a lasting physical and emotional impact on all involved, including the individual and train driver, but also loved ones, witnesses and first responders. It's just simply not worth the risk."

Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy said ignoring the warnings was not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal and pedestrians who entered a level crossing while a warning signal was sounding could be fined $275.

"Last year, 65 people engaging in this behaviour were caught and fined and we will continue to work closely with the Queensland Police Service on enforcement, in a bid to save lives," Mr Easy said.

"Our message is clear: always obey signs and signals, use the pedestrian walkway and only enter a crossing when it is safe to do so, when the signals have stopped flashing and the pedestrian gates are fully open."

Chair of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and harm prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation, Danny Broad welcomed the launch of the campaign as more than 90 organisations across Australia take part in Rail Safety Week this week.

"Initiatives like this can save lives and it is great to see Queensland leading such an important community discussion on rail safety," Mr Broad said.

"It only takes a moment of distraction to change your life forever, and this campaign is a timely reminder for us all to stay rail safe every day of the year."

Queensland Rail's "Stay Level Headed" campaign aims to combat these unsafe behaviours by using real life CCTV footage to remind viewers to remain calm and stay level headed - particularly at level crossings.

The campaign will be rolled out to train stations and on social media and will continue through Queensland Rail's ongoing rail safety education program which engages thousands of students and community members each year.

For more information on the campaign visit: www.queenslandrail.com.au



Calendar YearTotal Near Misses (pedestrians)Total pedestrian non-compliance at Pedestrian Level Crossings

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