Safety campaign launched to coincide with National Rail Safety Week


​To coincide with Rail Safety Week, Queensland Rail has launched its latest safety campaign to highlight the simple behaviours that can prevent an injury or near miss on the rail network.

Queensland Rail Chief Executive Officer Nick Easy said the campaign focuses on the most common incidents seen on the network and ways to avoid them.

“Queensland Rail is using light hearted humour to highlight a very serious subject, and encourage train users and the wider community to consider their actions on and around the rail network,” Mr Easy said.

“From simply holding the hand rail and standing behind the yellow line, to being aware of your surroundings and obeying safety measures at level crossings, the campaign will get people thinking about safe behaviours.

“The safety campaign is all about reducing the number of injuries and near misses to our customers and community members. We don’t want to see anyone injured on our network.

“We have made significant progress. During the 2016/17 financial year there were 187 near miss incidents on the network, down almost 25 percent from 248 in 2015/16.

“While that number is definitely going in the right direction, even one near miss is one too many.

“People are still taking too many unnecessary risks around the rail corridor. They need to remember trains can travel extremely fast and take hundreds of metres to stop.

“For the sake of saving a few seconds, people are risking serious injury or could even pay the ultimate price.

“These incidents don’t just affect the victim. They can have long lasting psychological effects on staff, customers, and emergency services, and we hope these high visibility safety campaigns will start a conversation about rail safety.”

The campaign has been launched on the eve of Rail Safety Week, during which Queensland Rail teams together with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, TransLink, Queensland Police Service and many other groups to raise awareness of rail safety in Queensland.

“The Queensland Rail community education team will be busy at schools, stations and the EKKA during Rail Safety Week, educating the public about the dangers in the rail corridor, and supporting the safety campaign,” Mr Easy said

“This is on top of the hundreds of hours a year the team already spend in schools, shopping centres, train stations and events raising awareness about rail safety.”
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