Performance Payment Policy – Chief and Senior Executives

​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail implements a performance payment framework for Senior Executives and other eligible employees to recognize and reward exceptional performance in a given financial year.  Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring the performance payment framework drives outstanding organizational outcomes and delivers value in a manner that is aligned with and reflects the expectations of responsible Ministers.

What we will do

To meet this commitment, the Queensland Rail Board will:

  • ensure the performance payment framework is clearly aligned with the strategic and operational goals of Queensland Rail outlined in the five year strategic plan and annual operational plan and with Queensland Rail’s Values and Behaviours;
  • apply the framework in a robust and consistent manner, with organisational and individual key performance indicators (including stretch targets) approved by the Board for the relevant financial year;
  • critically assess organisational and individual performances against the prescribed key performance indicators (including stretch targets);
  • consider on an annual basis the achievement of the prescribed key performance indicators and, if appropriate, approve the subsequent distribution of any performance payments assessed against those indicators; and
  • provide timely written advice to responsible Ministers in respect of payment of performance payments.