Travel, Accommodation and Associated Expenses

‚ÄčOur Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to acting with financial restraint, transparency, responsibility and accountability in respect of travel, accommodation and associated expenditure. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our people when they are travelling on behalf of Queensland Rail.

What we will do

To deliver on our commitment, Queensland Rail will:

  • ensure that travel is linked to the business priorities of Queensland Rail;
  • provide appropriate procedures to ensure responsible and accountable management of financial resources that are applied to travel arrangements;
  • ensure the most advantageous price and service levels are achieved;
  • consider alternative cost effective arrangements such as teleconference and videoconference prior to committing to any travel, accommodation or associated expenses;
  • ensure all relevant travel, accommodation and associated expenses are appropriately approved;
  • consider the  safety and security of our people when travelling nationally and internationally; and
  • comply with relevant legalisation, standards, codes of practice and other regulatory obligations relating to travel, accommodation and associated expenses.