Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I apply for a job with Queensland Rail?

A. To apply for a position with Queensland Rail, you must apply online at

Please make sure you complete your application form before the closing date.

Q. What is the application process for Queensland Rail?

A. Online applications
The first step is your online application. Your application should include a covering letter and resume that provides information about your professional and educational background demonstrating how you meet the requirements for the role. You should take the time to read and understand the position description and make sure you show that your experience and skills match the role requirements.

Cover Letters
This is your chance to discuss why you are the best candidate for the role. You should explain and show how your prior work experience, knowledge, skills and strengths make you the best candidate.
A good cover letter should be no more than one page long; specific to the position; clear and concise in a professional and positive writing tone.

This is your personal advertisement, your chance to stand out from the other candidates. It should provide a summary of your professional and educational background and skills. Tailor your résumé to demonstrate how your skills, knowledge, strengths and work experience matches the role. Remove irrelevant detail and demonstrate how your skills match the position.

Your resume should contain the following information:

  • Contact details: Name, postal address, contact telephone numbers and email address.
  • Career Summary: A few sentences describing your work history. For example: I am an enthusiastic and loyal customer service representative with over five years of experience in the rail industry.
  • Education: Details and dates of your education, training and/or study achievements
  • Skills: A few points highlighting your major skills. For example: High level customer service skills including the ability to sensitively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Employment History: Starting from your most recent position: Job title, company and specific dates you worked there. For example: Customer Service Attendant; Queensland Rail; Dec 07 – Sep 14.
  • Duties: A few points describing the duties you performed in the role. For example: Greeted and assisted customers at Manly Station and provided advice on XXX.
  • References: Two (2) work references.  These referees should be supervisors or have delegated work to you.

Phone Screens
You will usually be required to participate in a phone screen. The phone screen is a short 20-30 minute phone interview with a Recruitment Adviser, who will also provide you with the details of the recruitment process and anticipated timeframes.

Assessment Centres
For some roles, you may be invited to attend an Assessment Centre as part of the recruitment process. This is another selection tool that we use to see how candidates behave when performing particular tasks and when interacting with other people. It’s best just to be yourself so we can see the real you – as the days can be a little daunting for some.

Here are some tips to being prepared for an Assessment Centre:

  • Be on time and at the right place. Know where to go in advance and arrive with plenty of time to spare.
  • Remember you are being assessed. At an Assessment Centre you will be observed and assessed from the moment you arrive in the building until the time you leave.
  • Make a good first impression. Ensure you are groomed and dressed appropriately for the role. Be friendly and courteous by introducing yourself to the Queensland Rail team and the other candidates. This should make you feel at ease when conducting activities and when interacting with others.
  • Use good communication skills. Be situationally aware. Don’t cut people off while they are speaking and speak with confidence.
  • Use positive body language. Pay attention to your body language to ensure you represent yourself as being engaged, professional, personable and confident.

Behavioural Interviews
It is important we match the right person to the right job. To help us do this, we use behavioural interviewing. Behavioural interviewing helps us determine how a candidate will perform their duties based on their prior behaviour in the workplace.

To prepare for a behavioural interview you should:

  • Create a good first impression: Ensure you are dressed and groomed for the occasion and act professionally. Ensure you arrive on time and have prepared any documentation required.
  • Research the business and the role. Take the time to understand the working environment of the business and the role. Prepare for questions you are likely to be asked about the role. Questions are usually aligned to the core expectations of a role.
  • Structure your responses. Think about the question before you provide your answer.  Structure your responses to a question by describing the situation, what action/s you took and the outcome of the situation.

Psychometric testing
You may be required to perform a psychometric assessment as part of the recruitment process for a role. If you do, the tests are role specific but you should expect to be tested in the following areas:

  • Cognitive – testing things like your ability to interpret and understand information.
  • Psychomotor – testing things like your situational awareness, attention & concentration and your visual coordination.
  • Personality – this is an optional tool used to test things like your team focus, initiative and your ability to follow rules.

Pre-employment health assessment
A pre-employment health assessment may be required if you have applied for a position that requires you to be meet a certain health standard – such as a Rail Safety Worker role. Queensland Rail pays for this assessment to be conducted by our chosen occupational health provider. A Recruitment Adviser will discuss this process with you prior to being invited to the health assessment.

Unsuccessful Candidates
Queensland Rail receives a large volume of applications for each career opportunity. Due to the vast number of applications, unsuccessful candidates will usually be notified via email of the outcome. 


Q. Can I fax or post my application to you?

A. Queensland Rail only accepts on-line applications via our website:


Q. How often are new career opportunities listed on this website?

A. Queensland Rail regularly posts career opportunities.  For convenience, we recommend you subscribe to receive a free Job Alert, which will notify you of any future jobs that match you employment preferences.


Q. How long are career opportunities advertised?

A. Positions are generally advertised either one or two weeks in duration depending on the individual circumstances of the career opportunity. The application closing dates are generally aligned to 5pm on the following week/fortnight.


Q. Can I apply after the application closing date has expired?

A. Every effort is given to assess the individual circumstances of each request. Requests to submit a late application should be submitted to for consideration.


Q. Can I apply for more than one career opportunity?

A. Absolutely. You are able to apply for any positions that match your skills and experience.


Q. My profile is saying that I have an incomplete job application. What should I do?

A. Job applications are incomplete when the mandatory fields (marked with a *) have not been filled in.  Simply log in to your account, select ‘Complete Application’ and finalise  your application form.


Q. The system says my email account has already been found. What should I do?

A. If you get this message it means that the email address is already present within our database.

If you have created a previous account but can't remember your password, you can select ‘Forgotten your Password’ to help you to log in again. If you have not previously applied to Queensland Rail, please use a different email address to log in.


Q. Can I amend my application or change my attached documents (Resume / Covering Letter) once submitted.

A. You are not able to change or amend your application (including document attachments) once you have successfully submitted your application.


Q. I have recently completed psychometric and/or psychomotor assessments for a role at Queensland Rail and not met the criteria to proceed. Does this mean I cannot apply for other opportunities with Queensland Rail?

A. All positions have been individually assessed to determine if, and which, assessments are appropriate. Therefore the testing you have completed may not apply to a different opportunity. We encourage you to continue to apply for opportunities with Queensland Rail and a member of the recruitment team will be in contact to advise if your previous assessment results will exclude you from a role you applied for.


Q. How do I become a Train Driver/Guard/Customer Service Attendant/Apprentice and when is the next intake?

A. Queensland Rail advertises all career opportunities on our careers page. Information pertaining to each position and how to apply will be included as part of the advertising.


Q. How do I reset my password as I have forgotten my password?

A. By commencing an application process and typing in your existing email address an option will be displayed ‘don’t know your password’.

Follow this ​link and your password will be reset and emailed to your nominated email address for you to reset.


Q. I haven’t heard from the recruitment adviser. Have they received my application? Where is the process at?

When your application has been successfully completed you will receive an acknowledgement email. 

You will be contacted by email or phone by a recruitment adviser once the position has closed and the recruitment process has commenced.