Job families

Queensland Rail is split into the following key areas - click on an area below to find out more:

Our initiatives are aimed at setting new standards in customer service excellence through improved service delivery and enhancing customer and stakeholder relationships. We are constantly looking and listening for ways to improve how we deliver our service to satisfy our customers.

Consultants within our Queensland Rail Travel Contact Centre provide a complete reservation, ticketing and information service involving all facets of Australia rail and third party travel. We have many people behind the scenes performing maintenance of the heritage and long distance travel fleets, planning and coordination of train journeys throughout the long distance network. A critical part of the overall customer experience is the cleanliness of our trains. Presentation staff work hard to ensure both our long distance and city network trains are clean and tidy. Queensland Rail provides the people of Queensland with access to urban and inter-urban passenger rail services at over 200 rail stations across Queensland. As the number of urban commuters increase, our Station Staff and Passenger Attendants maintain a healthy relationship with our customers whilst providing exceptional customer service.

Our Authorised Officers and other security staff provide a professional service to ensure our employees, assets and customers are safe and secure Queensland Rail also has catering staff assisting in the preparation of meals and snacks for consumption onboard the long distance train services as well as the preparation of catering and catering deliveries around Brisbane.

Queensland Rail Traincrew employees may be required to work at any Depot in the urban and interurban networks during the course of their employment.

Drivers competently drive all forms of relevant traction and trains operated to meet business needs in accordance with Queensland Rail’s safety and operational standards and procedures. They apply train management techniques proficiently at all times to ensure efficient and safe train operations and re-accredit as required to meet business objectives. Drivers are also responsible for the provision of quality customer service which enables Queensland Rail to meet its business objectives and contractual responsibilities.

Queensland Rail has a specific training pathway which identifies the range of modules Drivers & Guards need to be competent including theoretical training and practical and competency based training.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources business unit works with the business to look after Queensland Rail’s most valued asset – our people. In promoting and supporting Queensland Rail values, we recognise the importance of maintaining a workplace where we treat each other with respect, enjoy what we do, act safely and are able to we make a difference.


Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team provides technology services and advice to Queensland Rail.

Queensland Rail ICT offers a variety of opportunities for individuals with management and technical expertise in the areas of:

  • Business Relationship Management
  • Architecture & Design
  • ICT Planning, Governance & Security
  • ICT Delivery
  • ICT Operations

Our ICT team strives to be innovative, dynamic and customer focused.

Safety, Risk and Assurance

As we continue our journey to ZERO Harm, a key focus will be taken on raising the bar with our safety performance to become world-class in safety, as well as maintaining a relentless commitment to ZERO Harm. To set the foundation for achieving these, Queensland Rail has an aim, goal and set of five principles for safety.

It is the responsibility of all Queensland Rail employees to:

  • Perform all work in a safe manner, not endangering themselves, other workers, the general public or the environment;

Commercial and Strategy

Our Commercial and Strategy business unit liaises with business representatives to coordinate an effective approach to Queensland Rail’s financial services and management, Transport Services Contract with the State, third party rail access revenue agreements and the business service groups of Strategy and Planning, ICT, Property, Road Fleet and Procurement.

Whether supporting large and complex infrastructure projects or providing financial advice, management or systems accounting advice / support there are many opportunities to develop your career.


The Project Division in Queensland Rail is responsible for supporting our Capital Projects that deliver transport infrastructure projects that meet time cost and quality objectives working across a project's lifecycle, from conception to implementation. A career with us involves a range of different opportunities. Our projects include Construction, bridges and Rail infrastructure, modification and maintenance of Rollingstock fleet, signalling systems and large infrastructure systems.


The legal team in Queensland Rail is dedicated to supporting the business in-house legal team and to provide high quality and timely legal advice in relation to Queensland Rail’s business activities to ensure that they are conducted within the limits prescribed by law and that Queensland Rail’s rights are fully protected. The team advises on a wide range of legal issues including litigation and dispute resolution, contract law, industrial relations, corporate governance, projects, operations, procurement, environment and safety.

Queensland Rail's electrical tradespeople install and maintain electrical components, wiring, equipment and systems. You'll get the opportunity to develop skills in specialised areas of the rail industry, such as servicing, plant servicing, and signalling.

With over 2,860 kilometres of electrified track, Queensland Rail's electricians play a vital role in ensuring that all Queensland Rail's electrical equipment is in optimal working order.

Queensland Rail's mechanical fitters & turners set up machinery to manufacture engineering products, as well as to repair and replace components, or other items. They also design and manufacture modifications to locomotives and rollingstock.

 Plant fitters ensure all infrastructure, plant and equipment throughout the geographical Infrastructure Districts is maintained to required standards, to achieve optimum reliability and operational performance and to ensure customer objectives are achieved.

Queensland Rail gives you experience in leading edge equipment including lathes, grinding machinery, hydraulic presses, thread cutting machinery and much more.

Being a large and geographically diverse organisation, from time to time Queensland Rail have vacancies for sheet metal workers; carpenters, plumbers and painters & decorators.

Our Administrative Assistants provide a high level of complex administrative support services to facilitate the effective operation and function of the work area. Administrative tasks may be non-routine in nature, and may be carried out with limited guidance. Roles may include elements of specific project responsibility, such as research or coordination and may also provide leadership and coordination for other administration positions.

Our Administrative team is required to communicate effectively with stakeholders at varying levels. At Queensland Rail, administration roles vary widely throughout the business in supporting our:

  • Executive & Senior Leadership Teams
  • Project Delivery
  • Operational teams
  • Corporate functions (Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Strategic & Corporate Services)


Mechanical Engineers at Queensland Rail use their mechanical engineering expertise in design, maintenance and acquisition of new and existing rollingstock. You will work in exciting fields such as vehicle dynamic tests to provide mechanical solutions and integrate new railway technologies. Our engineers also manage multimillion dollar rollingstock acquisition projects.


No rail transport company can operate without electricity and machinery. In Queensland Rail, our electrical engineers ensure the maintenance of our equipment, with the main areas including rollingstock electrical engineers, power and overhead traction, signalling, operational systems and telecommunications.

Power and overhead traction engineers design and monitor the overhead electrical services delivering power to our City network and regional trains.

Signalling plays a critical role to ensure that our train services run safely and efficiently on our network. Operational systems engineers work with leading software technologies to design train management systems and support systems for our signalling network.

Our telecommunications network spans our rail network, more than 7,000 kilometres in total.Telecommunications engineers design systems that monitor and control signalling and train management systems to internal communication systems as well as plan, install, test and commission new communications infrastructure.​

​Telecommunications engineers design systems that monitor and control signalling and train management systems to internal communication systems as well as plan, install, test and commission new communications infrastructure.

The Network business delivers infrastructure services, construction, maintenance, asset management and development across 7,000 kilometres of track throughout Queensland. Track and Structures workers play an integral part of a semi-autonomous team carrying out various duties, ensuring safe working practices are adhered to and relevant work standards are met in accordance with Queensland Rail's policies, procedures and legislative requirements.

Track and Structures workers operate heavy earth moving equipment, perform heavy manual labour including replacing timber sleepers, track construction, and a variety of other duties with railway track and structures construction and maintenance. These positions are based in the field and work in all weather conditions and some workers regularly work away from home.

Lead and provide strategic management of Queensland Rail’s operational delivery in south-east Queensland through the management of the network control function, network access in SEQ, operational planning, scheduling and modelling, and possession planning.

The types of roles available include Train Controllers, Shunters, Rail Planners, Schedulers and Modellers.