Remuneration and benefits


Remuneration & benefits is everything you receive as an employee - your pay, health care benefits, wellness programs, retirement plans and work/life benefits.

​​​Financial ben​efits

Salary packaging

Queensland Rail offers additional remuneration options for its employees by way of flexible salary packaging.  Employees are able to salary sacrifice superannuation contribution (through QSuper) and motor vehicles (through SG Fleet).

Superannuation - QSuper

You can make standard contributions to your superannuation at a rate of 5% of your salary. Making this contribution means Queensland Rail will contribute 12.75% to your account. You can reduce your contribution to as low as 2% of your salary and receive the corresponding lower level of employer contributions.

If you are a casual / fixed term employee, you don’t have to contribute, but if you do, you will receive a higher level of employer subsidy and insurance cover. Otherwise, we will pay the 10% superannuation guarantee level of contributions into your accumulation account.

MOVE – People Driven Banking

Employees of Queensland Rail are entitled to membership with the MOVE - People Driven Banking, which can bring exclusive financial benefits. For more information, visit the MOVE website.


The Queensland Rail Institute (QRi) is a membership club that provides lifestyle benefits and services to Queensland Rail employees. QRi offers discounts and member only services and savings.

Health and well-being

At Queensland Rail the health and wellbeing of our employees is a priority. A wide range of free services are available to support and enhance employee’s physical and emotional wellbeing.     These services include:
  • health assessments for rail safety workers
  • flu vaccinations
  • 24/7 on call support for emergencies and critical incidents
  • confidential counselling for work related and/or personal issues*

*All Queensland Rail employees are provided with access to three (3) one hour counselling sessions per financial year.  This service is provided by experienced and qualified clinicians who can assist employees and managers to address any work-related or personal issues including:

  • relationships
  • work/life balance
  • career
  • change
  • family, child, eldercare
  • anxiety, stress and depression
  • difficult customers
  • suicide
  • violence and anger
  • bereavement, grief and loss
  • alcohol and addictions
  • work performance difficulties
  • legal and financial
  • conflict
  • bullying and harassment
  • managing life stages
  • redundancy/career transition
  • gambling
  • team performance
  • communication
  • work crisis and trauma.

Lifestyle and work benefits

Privilege concessions:

​​Employees, their partner and dependants are entitled to single / return ticket and season travel at concession (50%) rates.

Travel passes - duty:​

Employees are entitled to free rail travel for the purpose of going to and from work and while on duty. Please note that this pass is not for travelling at other times.

Annual leave:​

The standard annual leave is four weeks per year with an additional 17.5% leave loading. Some employees such as Traincrew, Onboard customer service & technicians, are entitled to five weeks annual leave per year. Options for cashing out annual leave are also available.

Long service leave: 

Employees are entitled to 9.1 weeks long service leave after seven years of services. After seven years, employees accrue a further 1.3 weeks per year.​

Parental leave: ​

There are many types of paid and unpaid parental leave available. Employees with more than 12 months service are entitled to paid pre-natal and maternity leave. There are also provisions for paid partner leave.

Other leave:

  • compassionate leave
  • bereavement leave
  • jury service leave
  • military leave
  • illness / Injury / family / emergency​​​.