Fixing the trains


The Queensland Government is determined to fix the trains and give Queenslanders the modern, reliable public transport service they deserve.

Phillip Strachan’s Commission of Inquiry and the Fixing the trains action plan have given Queensland Rail a blueprint to transform and improve. We have brought in a range of measures to improve our performance and offer customer-focussed, on time and reliable rail services.

Our key priorities are restoring reliable and on-time rail services, delivering excellence in customer service and providing cleaner, safer trains and stations.  

We provide monthly public reports to outline our progress to fix the trains and the Citytrain Response Unit provides a quarterly report which is an independent assessment of our progress against milestones set by the Strachan Commission of Inquiry.


  • Fixing the trains: first 100 days overall achievements (PDF | DOC)
    We are determined to fix the trains and deliver the high-quality, customer-focussed, reliable rail services Queenslanders expect and deserve.
  • Stress Testing: ensuring a robust Queensland Rail Citytrain network timetable (PDF | DOC)
    Over the past few months, Queensland Rail has been developing a range of forecasting and modelling tools to ensure accurate and timely knowledge of train crew supply and demand in the medium to long-term.
  • Fixing the trains: Transformation progress and next steps - April 2017 (PDF | DOC)
  • Fixing the trains: Transformation progress and next steps - May 2017 (PDF | DOC)