Q. Does Queensland Rail have a Fitness for Work Standard?

Yes. Supply contracts may require suppliers and their employees to comply with Queensland Rail's Fitness to Work Standards. This includes standards relating to alcohol and other drugs management, fatigue management and the management of health and fitness.

Queensland Rail workers must be fit when reporting for work. This means they should be without health issues that limit ability to work safely, including illness, fatigue, injury, physical and psychiatric conditions and heat stress. They should also not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, including prescription and over the counter medication with the potential to adversely impact upon safety or performance.

Queensland Rail workers including contractors, suppliers, subcontractors and volunteers may be required to provide breath and oral fluids samples for random alcohol and other drug testing. Testing for alcohol will be done using a breath sample and testing for other drugs will be done using an oral fluids swab sample. Workers in Queensland Rail including contractors and consultants must have breath alcohol no greater than 0.00%.

Testing for other drugs is concerned with detecting drugs that have the potential to render a person unfit for their duties. Queensland Rail will only be testing for other drugs that have the potential to impair a person's performance. If the oral fluids swab sample returns any detectable traces of these drugs, which is confirmed by a laboratory, it is considered to be a positive test result.

If any person on a Queensland Rail work site returns a positive alcohol test result in excess of the prescribed limit, or a positive drug on-site screening test, they will be asked to leave the Queensland Rail worksite and will not be permitted to return until they can supply a negative on-site test.

Q. What Personal Protective Equipment is required when working on a Queensland Rail work site?

All workers, including contractors and visitors must comply with the requirement to wear orange high visibility clothing if attending a Queensland Rail depot, work site or working on or near the rail corridor. Workers undertaking work near the Queensland Rail corridor must not wear red or green as this may interfere with the drivers understanding of the signals along the corridor. Contact your appointed representative and they will brief you on any site specific requirements for PPE.

Q. Am I required to be a rail industry worker?

The following contractors must carry Rail Industry Worker (RIW) identification when working for Queensland Rail and present this (on request) to a Rail Safety Officer/Regulator from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator or a Queensland Rail representative:

  • All contractors undertaking rail safety work, as defined under section 8 of the Rail Safety National Law (Note: there are no exceptions)
  • Contractors performing work for Queensland Rail in the rail corridor


Those excluded from carrying Rail Industry Worker identification are:

Contractors who are:

  • Working on station buildings with limited to no exposure to the danger zone.
  • Deliveries to the rail corridor outside the danger zone.
  • One-off entry to the rail corridor where contractors have completed a Rail Corridor Induction Checklist, are operating under a PO and where it is not reasonably practical to expect the contractor to obtain a RIW card due to the short term nature of their work in the rail corridor.
  • External third parties (non-rail related) not contracted by Queensland Rail, such as telecommunications workers. 

There are no exceptions for rail safety workers.

Please refer to the Queensland Rail, Rail Industry Worker Program page located on this page.

Q. As a contractor am I required to report incidents while I am working on a Queensland Rail site?

Yes. Contractors must comply with all Queensland Rail Safety and Environment Policies, Standards, Procedures and Instructions, including reporting instructions. You must report any incidents, hazards, near misses, environmental harm or illnesses as part of these obligations.

Q. Does Queensland Rail use a specific accounting system?

Yes. Queensland Rail uses SAP R3 information system and SRM software for managing procurement and accounts.

Q. What are Queensland Rail's standard payment terms?

Queensland Rail's standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice.

Q. Do I need to do anything else to trade with Queensland Rail?

Yes. You will need to be set up in Queensland Rail's information system. To enable this complete a Vendor Form and return it to Queensland Rail before trade can occur. This will enable you to be set up as a Vendor in SAP R3.

Q. What do I need to do if my vendor details change during the time I am trading with Queensland Rail?

Any changes to your vendor details, such as bank, address or ownership details, must be advised to Queensland Rail in writing. This advice must be on letterhead, over the signature of an authorised person, with full details of their name and position. In the case of changed banking details a copy of a deposit slip or bank statement header showing account name, bank and account number must be provided. Please blank out any account balance or transaction details. 

Q. What information is required on a purchase order for Queensland Rail to pay?

Orders are required for all Queensland Rail goods purchases, except credit card transactions. Purchase orders for goods will contain:

  • the correct Queensland Rail business name and ACN/ABN
  • purchase order number (these are 10 digit numbers that normally start with 4xxxxxxxxx)
  • date
  • description of goods and services
  • Queensland Rail material number
  • quantity and unit of measure
  • price
  • delivery date
  • delivery address.

To make for prompt payment, suppliers should query any unclear orders, checking details such as:

  • supplier's name, address and ABN
  • part number if there should be one
  • price including clarification of whether delivery is included
  • delivery location, time, accepting persons, receipting requirements
  • contact name of person issuing the order
  • invoicing instructions
  • authorising signature.

Q. Does Queensland Rail have any specific requirements for goods receipting?

Prompt payment requires correct goods receipting. Suppliers should make sure that Queensland Rail employees receiving goods identify themselves and their location properly, with printed name, service number and signature on the docket, when they accept goods.

Delivered goods should be labelled correctly to assist goods receipting and payment. Labels should identify the delivered goods clearly, providing a basis for tracking deliveries.

Because it is more efficient than manual processing, Queensland Rail prefers online goods receipting using SRM.

Delivery dockets should contain:

  • Queensland Rail purchase order number (these are 10 digit numbers that normally start with 4xxxxxxxxx)
  • delivery address
  • Queensland Rail material number
  • meaningful description of the goods
  • unit of measure as shown on the purchase order
  • correct extension of quantity
  • supplier item code
  • delivery docket number quoted on the invoice
  • supplier name
  • supplier address.

Q. Where should invoices be sent to?

Suppliers should send all invoices to Queensland Rail Accounts Payable. Our preferred method of receiving invoices is by email addressed to APinvoices@qr.com.au. You may also mail them to us at Accounts Payable, Queensland Rail, GPO Box 1429, Brisbane QLD 4001. Please do not send statements. Before sending invoices, it is advisable to check the delivery details.

Invoices must contain:

  • correct Queensland Rail company name and ACN/ABN
  • purchase order number (these are 10 digit numbers that normally start with 4xxxxxxxxx)
  • delivery address
  • Queensland Rail material number, if applicable
  • correct unit of measure as quoted on the delivery docket
  • correct extension of quantity
  • correct extension of price
  • gross price including freight, levies, tax, government charges
  • supplier name, address and ABN
  • supplier item code
  • delivery docket number as supplied with the goods.
  • clearly labelled as a tax invoice.

The Queensland Rail company name, ACN and ABN are: 

Company Name



Queensland Rail Limited

132 181 090

71 132 181 090


Before payment is made, the order, invoice and delivery will be reconciled. The most common causes of blocked invoices, manual intervention and late payments are quantity and price differences between the order, delivery and invoice.

All invoices must quote our Purchase Order number. Tax invoices for sales made through Queensland Rail Contracts Unit may quote our Supply Agreement number instead of an order number, but should also quote Purchase Order number if known.

If Queensland Rail returns your tax invoice as it cannot be reconciled with a Queensland Rail purchase order, you need to provide proof of delivery with a Queensland Rail employee's printed name and signature to verify supply.

Q. How do I access a Queensland Rail work site?

Queensland Rail has a number of different types of work sites, with varying hazards and risks. Before coming to a Queensland Rail site you will need to contact your appointed representative and arrange an appointment. You will then be briefed on any site requirements such as Personal Protective Equipment, operational and network rules and inductions required. If you are accessing a site to perform work, you should also refer to any specific competency requirements outlined in your contract.

Q. Can I make a cold call?

Some Queensland Rail locations are restricted to the public due to the nature of the work being undertaken and the risks to safety. Queensland Rail does not allow cold calling to occur.

Businesses are able to log their interest in doing business with Queensland Rail by registering on the Ariba Commerce Site and completing a questionnaire and uploading company information. This information can be referred to during sourcing events to determine who is in the market. Completing this registration does not guarantee you will be contacted or that Queensland Rail will purchase any goods or services from you but will give Queensland Rail visibility of your company profile and capabilities.

Q. Does Queensland Rail use a Contract Management System?

 Yes. Queensland Rail uses Ariba as their Contract Management System to manage all contracts including performance of suppliers.

Q. Where does Queensland Rail advertise its upcoming tenders?

All open tenders are advertised using the QTenders website  and if applicable, local media. Suppliers can register their business on the QTenders website to receive notifications of tender opportunities.