On-time running

The on-time running of Citytrain services is a priority for Queensland Rail. We make every effort to ensure our services adhere to the published timetable.

Our on-time running performance targets are the most stringent in Australia. We aim to have more than 95% of our peak period services arrive on-time. All services, including peak and off-peak, are measured on time when they arrive within three minutes and 59 seconds of their scheduled time (5 minutes and 59 seconds on interurban services; ie Gold Coast, Rosewood and Nambour).

Sometimes incidents beyond Queensland Rail’s control may delay our services (force majeure). Such incidents may include severe weather activity, onboard medical emergencies, security incidents, and vehicles striking level crossing boom gates. Because these incidents are out of Queensland Rail's control, they are not included in the force majeure adjusted results.

From January 2019, any New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) technical faults which impact Queensland Rail’s on-time running or reliability will not be considered force majeure in the below data.

Queensland Rail recognises delays, regardless of their cause, affect customers, and this is reflected in the customer impact figures.

Daily peak on-time running results

We provide data for the morning and afternoon peak periods over the past five days.

Our performance

Queensland Rail is committed to proactively publishing operational performance data.

The operational performance data includes key performance indicators for both the Citytrain and Traveltrain networks in areas such as punctuality and reliability, safety and security and customer satisfaction.