Railways are not playgrounds

​About the campaign

We launched our new rail safety campaign "Railways are not playgrounds” during Tracksafe Foundation Rail Safety Week on Monday 10 August 2015. 

The confronting rail safety campaign features double amputee and rail accident survivor David Williams. 

The campaign targets risky behaviour on the rail network with a simple message to people that railways are not playgrounds.

We remain incredibly frustrated at the number of people continuing to treat the rail network like a child’s playground, risking their life and the lives of others.

We reported a decrease in the number of people trespassing on the rail network (almost 20% reduction 2013 – 2014), however alarmingly the number of serious injuries resulting from these occurrences has increased.

Already this year, two people have received an electric shock and serious injuries after coming into contact with the overhead wires.  This follows a fatality late last year after a man was electrocuted when graffiting.

Overhead powerline safety

Overhead powerlines on the rail network are deadly and they carry 25,000 volts – 100 times more powerful than the domestic supply.

There is simply no reason why a member of the public should be in close contact with the overhead lines and this new campaign raises awareness of the hidden dangers of illegal trespassing.

People do not even have to come in contact with the overhead line for the power to arc and shock you.

Safety is our number one priority and with this campaign it hopes to launch a conversation on safety by delivering this shocking campaign.

We urge people not to make a night out with friends, a night to forget.

Trespassing, running a level crossing or even just running for a train; the consequences can be devastating.

Watch David’s story

Electric shock survivor David Williams features in the “Railways are not playgrounds” overhead powerline safety campaign in the hope that his powerful story can save the lives of others.




David was taking a shortcut with mates on a rail overpass near Manly station in 2000 when he fell off through the overheads and the current arced through him causing horrendous injuries.

David said the overhead powerlines bite hard and they bite forever. There’s no second chance and there is no taking it back.  The consequences of not thinking before he acted have affected him forever physically and emotionally, and they have also deeply affected his family, friends, attending emergency services and the people who treated him.

David thought nothing could hurt him as a teenager, but said the warning signs are there for a reason.

How you can help

We encourages you to launch a conversation with your school friends, work mates, your friends and family in a hope to raise awareness and support for this campaign.

To join in the discussion, join Queensland Rail’s Facebook and Twitter pages using #Railwaysarenotplaygrounds