Commercial photography/videography request process and guidelines

Application process

Queensland Rail regulates film production and still photography to ensure that activities are carried out safely and there is no disruption to train operations.

Please allow a minimum of four – six weeks for permit applications to be processed.

  1. Read the Commercial photography/videography guidelines PDFDOC

  2. Complete the application form PDF DOC

    All applications require:

    • Certificate of currency for a minimum of $20 million public liability insurance.
    • Full list of equipment that will be brought on site including height and length specifications.
    • Full synopsis of the production; planned shots including external footage.
    • The dates, times and locations for the filming or photography activity.
    • Any other information we may reasonably require to assess your application.

    Applicants will need to review and agree with the terms and conditions prior to submitting their application.

  3. Site meeting at proposed filming location/s

    Once your application has been reviewed, Queensland Rail may arrange a site meeting with you to discuss the scope of the filming and any readily apparent risks to safety, property and the environment.

  4. Submit your safe work method statement or risk assessment

    Your safe work method statement/risk assessment is required to cover your proposed project in accordance with all relevant film and television codes; health and safety laws, regulations and standards.

  5. Permit for filming and/or photography issued

    If your request is approved a permit will be issued. This permit will also set out all applicable fees. Please ensure a copy of the permit is printed and provided to the Station Master/Queensland Rail representative at filming.

  6. Filming or photography

    The filming will be supervised and all attendees are required to undergo a safety induction prior to filming commencing.


These guidelines are provided for commercial videographers/photographers requesting access to property controlled by Queensland Rail within the South East Queensland city network.

For filming requests on the Queensland Rail Travel network please see the Queensland Rail Travel website..

Airtrain is a privately-owned railway and permission must be sought directly from Airtrain City Link..

All requests to film or photograph automated ticketing equipment (including fare gates) will need to include permission from TransLink..

For detailed information, download the guidelines  PDFDOC.