Station guidelines

Please direct all media requests for access to Queensland Rail property (i.e. trains, stations, freight forwarding facilities, infrastructure depots, railway tracks and sites) to

Queensland Rail receives many requests for photography and filming on and around our stations, Citytrain network and long distance trains. All parties (commercial and private) must complete a request to be assessed by Queensland Rail before filming can commence.

At a minimum processing and approval of a request will take two (2) weeks to finalise. Because we are a fully operating railway if your application is commenced inside that time period it is unlikely that your request will be able to be accommodated.

If you are a hobbyist or filming for a student project please following the same application procedure. Please read the Rail Enthusiast and Amateur Photography and Filming guidelines (PDF | DOC).

Each request is considered on its merit and there are no guarantees of permission being granted. Safety is our number one priority and this will guide our decision whether or not to allow the request. Applications will also be considered having regard to the benefits for Queensland Rail and your alignment with our brand and values.

In limited circumstances where there is significant investment our resource outlay by Queensland Rail to meet your request, a fee may be charged to you. This will be discussed during the assessment process.

All filming must be conducted in accordance with our Photography and Filming Guidelines. A copy of which can be accessed here (PDF | DOC).

If your request does progress with us, we may later request from you:

  1. A certificate of currency for a minimum of $20 million public liability insurance
  2. Your execution of the Photography and Filming Partnership Agreement (a draft of which can be accessed here (PDF | DOC) for your review, with a final version to be issued to you on confirmation of your request)
  3. Aerial map showing the extent of location (must show location of filming, storage, crew car parking, food vans etc.)
  4. Full list of equipment to be brought on site (must include height and length specifications e.g. cranes, booms etc.)
  5. Full synopsis of the production, daily procedures and risk assessment
  6. Any other information we may reasonably require to assess your application or enable your photography or filming activity to proceed.

During election periods, political candidates can apply to access stations.

In assessing applications, Queensland Rail is guided by the following principles:

  • Safety
  • Customer and staff convenience
  • Operational requirements and efficiency​
  • Integrity of pre-arranged commercial or promotional activities (e.g. charity fundraising).


  • Queensland Rail Political Access Application Form (PDF | DOC)


Candidates must apply formally by submitting:

  • A complete and signed application form
  • A signed deed of indemnity (with an attached list of names and contact details of all persons covered under this deed)
  • A copy of a Certificate of Currency showing valid public liability insurance (minimum $20 million)
  • A copy of Workers Compensation Insurance cover and/or Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance cover (if applicable)
  • Copies of all materials to be distributed or displayed
  • Applications should be submitted to


  • Queensland Rail Political Access Protocol (PDF | DOC)