Corporate Social Responsibility in Queensland Rail

For over 155 years Queensland Rail has played a major role in the growth of Queensland.  It has provided the backbone for economic, social and regional development across the state.  

Today we are in the midst of ever evolving global change with increased demand on corporations to perform not only financially but to also be responsible corporate citizens.  Our Community Partnerships team manage several components of corporate social responsibility on behalf of Queensland Rail.

From education in rail safety to donations of disused assets and fundraising, our Community Partnerships team work with our employees and customers across the state to coordinate activities that educate in rail safety and raise funds and awareness for not-for-profit organisations for communities in which we operate.

Rail Safety Education

Our team of education coordinators visit schools and businesses across Queensland providing education on train etiquette, platform, level crossing and overhead powerline safety.  They also work closely with our security team to investigate incidents reported by the public and police to ensure that school students and parents can feel reassured by the knowledge that safety is at the heart of everything we do.

For an education session in your school or workplace, please email

The year 2020 was unlike no other for Queensland Rail’s Historian, Greg Hallam who has been busy working with Historians from not only Queensland but across the world documenting the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the business and the world at large. The last time this a pandemic of this scale was documented was the Spanish Flu in the early 1900’s  

Greg has also worked on a range of enquiries including Ministerial and other government stakeholder requests, family and community requests for assistance with various heritage and historical activities, overseas requests for information and assistance provided to other cultural heritage organisations for railway related heritage, such as the Ipswich Workshops Rail Museum, National Trust of Queensland and railway preservation groups.  

For historical information requests, please email

Community and Not-for-profit support

Over the years, Queensland Rail has established a number of high-level partnerships with not-for-profit organisations supported through activities such as fundraising, volunteering and payroll giving programs chosen by our employees.  

Currently Queensland Rail is working with a range of not-for-profit organisations who provide support to victims and families impacted by domestic violence.

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