General Partnerships


We strive to continue making a positive contribution to the lives of Queenslanders by supporting causes, events or other activities that Queenslanders are passionate about.

We engage in community and commercial partnerships, staff fundraising activities and provide in-kind support for many causes and initiatives. We look for relevant partnerships that underpin our iconic position within Queensland and strengthen our relationships with key communities.

We have established the Queensland Rail Community Partnering Program to provide support for local community based initiatives up to $5,000.

Queensland Rail receives many requests for assistance. Unfortunately for varying reasons we are never able to fulfil all requests so our Partnerships Guidelines below have been developed to guide seekers in understanding Queensland Rail's objectives and developing proposals that may meet them.

Please note we prefer as much time as possible to plan for all activities and so all applications for support must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to an event occurring.


Simply read the General Partnerships guidelines below and complete the application form located on the page.

This will enable us to conduct a timely, balanced and equitable evaluation of all request proposals we receive. We understand you may wish to provide us with your own specific proposal and you are welcome to attach that proposal to the completed application form.

We view partnerships as a commercial transaction that requires a positive return on investment and so are unlikely to make donations or grants except in special circumstances.

The following guidelines have been developed to assist partnership seekers in preparing proposals.

In general, Queensland Rail will only consider proposals that occur primarily in Queensland and have a direct link to at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Provide a platform for Queensland Rail to enhance its positive image and reputation in Queensland communities
  2. Enhance liveability or provide a lasting legacy for a Queensland community
  3. ​Provide a platform for Queensland Rail to demonstrate its commitment to corporate citizenship by being socially and/or environmentally responsible
  4. Alignment with Queensland Rail’s priority commitment to safety
  5. Support Queensland Rail’s positioning as an employer of choice
  6. Support the use of rail as a positive mode of transport; enhance the experience of travelling on trains or the physical environment around railways.

Preferred benefits sought:

  1. Naming rights opportunities, category exclusivity and activities that are not overly cluttered with multiple sponsors
  2. Extended brand promotional opportunities beyond logo placement and event signage
  3. Opportunity to promote rail safety
  4. Opportunity to demonstrate Queensland Rail’s commitment to customer service
  5. Opportunity to promote Queensland Rail Travel or any other of Queensland Rail’s commercial products and services
  6. Distinctive and experiential customer and stakeholder engagement opportunities
  7. Ability to offer engagement with Queensland Rail employees or for them to be actively involved.

Proposals must:

  1. Contain a clear outline of what the activity is aiming to achieve for the community
  2. Provide details of the level of investment sought and the benefits available to Queensland Rail for that investment
  3. List all other supporters associated with the activity or the proposed support portfolio structure
  4. Include any relevant support data such as market research, profile of audience, expected participation numbers etc
  5. Include timelines for key milestones and occurrences for the planned activity
  6. Demonstrate how your organisation can successfully implement the activity and provide reporting on its outcomes
  7. Demonstrate how the proposal will be implemented to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes
  8. Provide your organisation’s ABN and state if the organisation is GST registered
  9. Be submitted using the relevant application form - either the Community Partnering Program application form (PDF  | Word )  or General Partnership application form (PDF  | Word)

Proposals that won’t be considered:

Requests for partnership that may pose a reputational risk to Queensland Rail through association with:

  1. Activities, products or services that may pose an unacceptable safety risk to participants or could be harmful to the environment
  2. Organisations that are financially unsound or involved in practices that may cause reputational risk
  3. Activities that are for an individual’s gain or profit
  4. Promotion of a particular religious or political issue​
  5. Activity that may be viewed as morally inappropriate or discriminatory.

More information

Please forward any general enquiries to the Community Partnerships team: