European Train Control System (ETCS)

Boosting inner city rail capacity and enhancing safety

The Queensland Government is investing $634 million to introduce European Train Control System (ETCS), a world-class rail signalling and train protection system, which will boost capacity on the inner city rail network and enhance safety.

ETCS will enable more passenger services more often through the inner city and pave the way for Cross River Rail.

This technology will allow our rail network to work harder and smarter, boosting capacity on our busy inner-city network by 20 percent on the Northern and Western lines between Milton and Northgate. 

Its automatic braking and enhanced control systems will enable trains to safely travel closer together, through the CBD, transporting an additional 12,000 people each peak period.

The project, which will support 120 jobs, represents a crucial upgrade to a vital part of South East Queensland’s transport infrastructure, which is required to meet increased passenger demand into the future.

This is also the first step in delivering the critical Cross River Rail project, with ETCS a key feature of enabling trains to travel through the tunnels.

Project delivery

Queensland Rail is currently out to market for industry experts to partner with to deliver the Inner City project which will take place over the next five years. Work will be staged, with the aim to reduce customer impact wherever possible.

The inner city project is just one part of the transformation across the network and work has already commenced on the North Coast line from Caboolture to Gympie North to lay the foundations of ETCS technology.

More information

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