Roma Street to Corinda Signals Upgrade Project

To help future-proof Queensland Rail's network, we are investing $56 million to upgrade ageing train signals between Roma Street and Corinda stations and install new track crossovers near Milton station.

The current signalling system on this section of the Ipswich line is more than 50 years old, making it difficult and expensive to maintain and integrate with new, sophisticated signalling systems across the network.

The installation of new signalling technology between Roma Street and Corinda stations would help future-proof and increase the reliability of the Ipswich and Springfield lines, while also significantly decreasing the time required on future maintenance. 

The project includes the replacement of 8.5 kilometres of optical fibre cabling from Milton to Graceville, 22 new signalling portals which have bi-directional capability, as well as 59 new and upgraded signalling trackside control huts and associated equipment.

Installation of bi-directional signals will allow trains to run in either direction on the line, providing us greater capacity into the future, and improved ability to recover if there is a disruption on the line.

Two new track crossovers will also be commissioned near Milton station, which will provide greater operational flexibility, especially during special events.

The installation of new LED signals will enhance safety, Queensland Rail's top priority.

Queensland Rail will commission this new technology during a track closure, between Roma Street and Darra stations, from 2am Saturday 22 until last service Saturday 29 December. The track closure will expand to include Bowen Hills and Albion to Darra and Park Road on Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 and Saturday 29 December.

The final work has been carefully timed to ensure the least impact to customers possible, during the holiday period when we generally experience a reduction in patronage of more than 50 per cent.

To minimise the impact to customers, timetabled bus services will replace trains through the impacted areas every 10 minutes or better during the morning and afternoon peaks and every 20 minutes or better during the off-peak.

Over the past 18 months, Queensland Rail has undertaken extensive work in the lead up to commissioning, including installation of equipment and signals over the past six track closures.


Phone: 13 16 17 (between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday)


Roma Street to Darra commissioning (22-29 December 2018)

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