Queensland Rail's Railsmart program aims to positively influence people's attitude and behaviour on and around trains, tracks and rail property, and encourage community members to take responsibility for their own safety and that of others.

Queensland Rail through its ongoing community commitment offers school and community visits across Queensland, where our Education Unit deliver a proactive message of safety at or near railway lines.

In 2009, the Railsmart program reached its one millionth student milestone in schools, while potentially hundreds of thousands more have been exposed to key safety messages through community events and campaigns outside of the core school visits.

Queensland Rail has lots of great rail safety resources for teachers. Graffiti prevention lesson plans have been developed in conjunction with Griffith University, and are a valuable tool in educating young people about the damaging impact of graffiti on the community.

Simple ways to be Railsmart

Simple ways to be Railsmart 

Follow these simple steps for a safe journey:

  • Hold onto the handrails
  • Please walk don't run
  • Mind the gap
  • Beware closing doors
  • Stand behind the yellow line


Last year there were close to 5500 reports of trespass on Queensland Rail network including illegal track crossings, children on tracks and vandalism.

The risk of injury or death as a result of trespassing in the railway corridor is ever present and very real.

Please stay alert near railways tracks ONLY cross at designated crossings where it is safe and legal to do so.

Did you know?

  • Trespassing on railway property is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal and you could be fined.
  • An unloaded 6-car passenger train weighs 254 tonnes. A freight train can weigh up to 10,000 tonnes.
  • A train moving at 60 or 80 km/h can take kilometres to stop. During wet weather stopping distances are even greater.
  • Trains can't swerve and by the time the driver can see you, it is already too late for the train to stop. If there's a collision, a pedestrian will come off second best.
  • Queensland Rail has CCTV cameras installed across the network, as well as Railway Squad police officers, mobile security, dog patrols, Authorised Officers and mounted units (police on horseback) patrolling the network.

To report unsafe behaviour on the network, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000


Download the graffiti lesson plans, aimed at appropriate year levels from Prep to Year 12.

More information

Phone: 13 16 17
TTY: 133 677

Railway crossings

Accidents at railway crossings remind us of the importance of safety where a rail network and roads meet. No matter how many times you drive across a railway crossing, always be aware, stay alert and follow the signs and signals.

To protect the safety of you, your family and others at railway crossings:

  1. Pay attention to signs and signals
  2. Never enter a railway crossing if the red lights are flashing
    or the boom gates are down
  3. Never queue across train tracks
  4. Always look out for the second train
  5. Remember that some railway crossings don't have lights or boom gates. At these crossings, always follow the traffic signs and signals before driving on.

Rail safety is broader than Queensland Rail - it includes communities, motorists, road and transport authorities, and the heavy vehicle industry. Together we can make a difference.

Rail Safety education and awareness

Each year Queensland Rail makes a significant commitment to promote rail safety through advertising, highway billboards, public awareness campaigns, school visits and industry partnerships.

Over 150,000 Queenslanders are spoken to directly by Community Education Officers and Rail Safety Ambassadors through visits to schools, community groups and events.

Queensland Rail's latest rail safety campaign, in partnership with Queensland Transport, confronts the viewer to consider what you could lose if you ignore signs and signals and don't stop at a railway crossing.

Travelling safely with children

Keeping your child safe is the first priority for any parent. Knowing the rules and risks of the rail environment, can help get everyone to their destination safely.

To protect the safety of you, your family and others in the rail environment:

  1. Keep yourself, children and prams in sight and behind the yellow line
  2. Always use a lift or ramp where available to access the platform 
  3. Keep a firm grip on your pram, park the pram sideways when on the platform and always apply pram brakes when stationary
  4. Exit and enter the train in the middle of the platform near the train guard
  5. Watch the gap between the train and the platform when boarding
  6. Make use of priority seating near the train doors
  7. Ensure your child is harnessed in the pram before wheeling the pram off the train backwards.

Take the time to teach your child the importance of rail safety and what it means to be RailSmart.

A number of other stations have ramps for easy access. To find out if a City network station meets your needs please call our Customer Contact Centre:

More information

Phone: 13 16 17
TTY: 07 3606 5800

Pram safety

Queensland Rail is committed to keeping you and your family safe while travelling on our trains. When travelling with a pram always use a lift or ramp to access the station platform and keep a firm hold of your pram at all times. Park your pram behind the yellow line, parallel to the platform edge, to prevent it from rolling onto the tracks.

Board in the middle carriage near the Guard, who can provide you with assistance if required. When exiting the train, watch the gap and remember to face the pram backwards to minimise the risk of your child falling out of the pram.

For a safe journey, remember these safety tips:

  1. Hold on to your pram 
  2. Use the pram's brakes, harness and wrist strap 
  3. Park parallel on platforms
  4. Use lift or ramp
  5. Watch the gap as you exit the train
  6. Remove the pram backwards from the train

To see a list of stations that have lift access please click here.

A number of other stations have ramps for easy access. To find out if a City network station meets your needs please call our Customer Contact Centre:

More information

Phone: 13 16 17
TTY: 133 677

Easy access for everyone

Queensland Rail is helping you get to your destination with ease by providing services that give access to all our passengers.

Whether you are a person using a wheelchair, someone who has difficulty walking and using steps, a passenger with a vision or hearing impairment or you are travelling with children, prams, luggage or larger items, your travel needs are Queensland Rail's concern.

Here are some pointers to ensure that your travelling experience is as smooth as possible:

  1. Use lifts for easy access at stations  
  2. For easy access to trains look out for raised platforms and the blue wheelchair symbol
  3. Ask for assistance with wheelchair ramps
  4. Use handles if you are standing or moving through the train
  5. Be aware of the gap and wheel luggage and prams off backwards when exiting the train
  6. Remember disability assistance and emergency help phones are available at any time 

A number of other stations have ramps for easy access. To find out if a City network station meets your needs please call our Customer Contact Centre:

Phone: 13 16 17
TTY: 133 677

Around tracks

Where there's tracks there's trains. Where there's trains there could be trouble. Being RailSmart around tracks is important for the safety of yourself and others. When you are around tracks you need to be mindful of the signs and signals that are there to keep you safe.

To help you stay safe around tracks:

  1. Stay away from tracks at all times
  2. Only cross at designated areas like overpasses, underpasses and level crossings
  3. Never take a short cut across the tracks
  4. Always look out for the second train
  5. Be aware of overhead lines, high voltages can kill.

It is important to keep yourself and your mates safe, you should never take risks around tracks. Trains can't swerve and trains can't suddenly stop. Electric trains can also be very quiet.

Avoid distractions

It doesn't matter if you are waiting to catch a train or just crossing the tracks, if you are distracted you may miss the vital signs and signals that are there to keep you safe.

When using devices like mp3 players, mobile phones or even talking to someone, always be aware of what is going on around you and be prepared for the unexpected.

To protect yourself and others when in a rail environment:

  1. Be alert
  2. Avoid distractions
  3. Follow signs and signals
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Avoid distractions and arrive at your destination safely.

On platforms

Being RailSmart on platforms is important for the safety of yourself and those around you. It is vital to recognise the importance of responsible actions on the platform, and how your attitude to rail safety can affect a person's life - especially your own.

Your awareness of dangers could save your life, whereas rushing at trains puts yourself and others at risk.

To protect the safety of yourself and others on platforms:

  1. Always arrive in time to purchase a ticket and get to the platform before the train arrives
  2. Allow others to exit first before boarding the train
  3. Stay away from platform edges and tracks at all times
  4. Always look out for the second train
  5. Keep yourself and your possessions behind the yellow line.

There are emergency phones and intercoms located on platforms and on trains, use them if you are in trouble or if you need assistance.

Follow the signs, act responsibly and remember, platforms aren't playgrounds.