Central station upgrade

A three year program of works to revitalise and modernise Brisbane’s Central station is scheduled to begin in September 2016.

Up to 140,000 customers travel to and from Central station each weekday, making it the busiest station in Queensland Rail’s South East Queensland network.

A program of works designed to greatly improve the customer experience and cater for future growth will include:

  • a new roof, which will extend over the Edward Street end of the concourse, injecting light and improved ventilation, and give the station a modern, airy feel
  • complete modernisation of the platforms, including ceiling, wall and floor treatments and lighting, level entry boarding, extended cover on Platforms 2/3 and 3/4, new passenger information displays and seating
  • new lifts and modernisation of the stairs and escalators leading to platforms
  • an additional escalator from the concourse to ANZAC Square, to reduce congestion during peak periods
  • a refurbishment of the back of house facilities, including offices, communications rooms and first aid areas.

Program delivery

The station will remain open and operational throughout the project. Work will be staged and occur mainly over weekends and at night in order to reduce customer impact. Peak hour timetables and services will not be affected.

The first works, starting in September 2016, will be the redesign and refurbishment of the back of house facilities, followed by platform works, starting in early 2017.

Queensland Rail will work closely with its valued tenants and stakeholders in the Central station precinct, to ensure project impact is managed effectively.

The upgrade to Central station is one of several major projects planned to provide for growth and create the railway service we need for the future. These include 75 new trains being delivered as part of the New Generation Rollingstock project and the $634 million investment in new signalling technology that will allow trains to run closer together and increase capacity through the CBD.

For further information about this project, please call 1800 401 944 or email centralstation@qr.com.au


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