New Generation Rollingstock – Wulkuraka Connection Works


The New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) project

The NGR project will see the delivery of 75 new trains from 2016 and a new NGR Maintenance Centre at Wulkuraka.

Additional works to support the Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre
Works relating to the NGR project were completed near Wulkuraka station. These works included:

  • a new section of rail line, including rail systems to connect the Maintenance Centre to the existing rail line at Wulkuraka
  • a new pedestrian footbridge at Wulkuraka station
  • new stormwater civil works and infrastructure to improve local drainage
  • widening and resurfacing of Dixon St East, Wulkuraka.​

Essential new rail infrastructure
Near the Wulkuraka station a new section of track has been completed to connect the Maintenance Centre site to the existing rail line.

New signalling and other rail systems infrastructure has now been commissioned. A new retaining wall has been constructed to the west of the Maintenance Centre site.

New pedestrian access
A new pedestrian footbridge opened in December 2015 at Wulkuraka station. The existing grade crossing was closed and the footbridge now separates passengers and pedestrians from the rail lines to provide a safer crossing point.