​​​Queensland Rail is committed to providing rail services that are accessible to all customers.

Through our Station Upgrade program, we continue to upgrade our facilities and services to progress towards achieving our vision of providing an accessible, world-class rail network for our customers.

For information on accessibility across our Citytrain network and to plan your journey, please select a link below:

For information on accessibility across Queensland Rail’s long distance network, please visit Queensland Rail Travel's website . 

Access at our stations

Some stations across Queensland Rail’s Citytrain network present a significant vertical step and horizontal gap between the platform and the train carriage entrance. For customers requiring assistance to board or disembark the train, Queensland Rail encourages you to use the assisted boarding point on the platform so that our staff can deploy a ramp to help you board and disembark the train.

This point is indicated by the international symbol for access, a white wheelchair on a blue background, and is located near the middle section of the platform. At many stations it will be located on a higher section of the platform to allow for easier access to and from the carriage.

The assisted boarding point is also usually close to other access features, such as the help phone, hearing aid loops, audio and visual timetable information, and lifts.

When the train arrives at the station, let the guard or station customer service staff know your destination and they can deploy the portable boarding ramp (available for use by any customer who requests it) or provide any other assistance you may require.

To safely use the ramp using a mobility aid, your mobility aid should not exceed 750mm wide by 1300mm long, and the combined weight of you, your mobility aid and any carried items should not exceed 300kg.

The level of access at each station varies across the Citytrain network. Queensland Rail encourages customers to visit the Your Station page for information on each of our stations, including station accessibility maps.

Access onboard our trains

To assist customers with disabilities and customers who are older adults, pregnant or traveling with young children, priority seating is located near the carriage doors for easy access. On many trains, the priority seating is indicated by blue and white signs with raised text, pictograms and Braille.

There are also allocated spaces for people who use a mobility aid on each of our Citytrain services in the middle of the train, in line with the assisted boarding point. All Queensland Rail trains are also fitted with emergency and disability assistance intercoms (no penalty applies for use). 

These intercoms are usually located to the side of a carriage door but may also be located near the allocated spaces for people who use mobility aids.

Many trains on Queensland Rail’s Citytrain network provide one onboard unisex accessible toilet which vary between the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) trains and our older trains.

In a typical 6-car older train there are two toilets located in the third and fourth car. In a single 3-car older train the one toilet will be in either the first or last car dependent on the direction of travel. On request station staff and train crew can let you know whether there is a toilet onboard and if so, which car it is located in.

Signage on the external doors of the car indicates the location of the toilet within the train. Signage on the inside of the cars indicates the direction of the toilet within the train.

The toilet modules feature:

  • toilet
  • baby change table
  • mirror
  • hand wash basin
  • soap dispenser
  • hand dryer
  • two emergency help points

All NGR six-car trains currently provide one onboard unisex accessible toilet. The toilet is located in either the third or fourth car, depending on the direction of travel.

Signage on the external doors of the car indicates the location of the toilet within the train. Signage on the inside of the cars indicates the direction of the toilet within the train.

On request station staff and train crew providing boarding assistance for NGR services can let you know in which car the toilet is located.

Each NGR toilet module currently features:

  • toilet
  • baby change table
  • mirror
  • hand wash basin
  • soap dispenser
  • hand dryer
  • two emergency help points

New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) upgrades

The Queensland Government is working with the disability sector to improve the accessibility of the NGR trains (including the existing toilet modules) to make them accessible for customers with disabilities.

The NGR accessibility upgrades include the addition of a second toilet on all 75 NGR six car sets, increasing the size of toilet modules by 10% and installing improvements for customers with disabilities.

For more information visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads' NGR accessibility upgrades page  or email

Text messaging service

Queensland Rail provides a 24/7 text messaging service for customers who require assistance.

By sending an SMS to 0428 774 636, you can contact a Queensland Rail Customer Communications Officer to obtain train and platform assistance, and information on station accessibility, lift outages and timetables.

Assisted Travel card

Queensland Rail offers a voluntary assisted travel card to customers with disabilities. The card is the same size as a business card and can assist customers who wish to identify as having a medical condition or disability. The card outlines your relevant travel requirements, and can be shown to Queensland Rail staff as required to obtain assistance when using our services. The card may be particularly useful for people with hidden and cognitive disabilities.

To obtain an assisted travel card, please contact us

Companions, carers or support workers

Companions travel for free on Queensland Rail Citytrain services if the person with a disability has a Companion Card issued by any Australian State or Territory.  The cardholder must have a valid ticket for travel.

To apply for a Companion Card, please call 13 74 68 or visit ..

TransLink Passes

TransLink offers concession go cards as well as a number of passes to assist eligible customers with disabilities. For full details as well as information on fares and ticketing, please visit TransLink's website..

Plan your journey

Queensland Rail recommends customers plan each journey ahead using TransLink's Journey Planner.. The Journey Planner includes live information on any potential disruptions which may impact your journey on our Citytrain network such as delays on your line, track work and lift outages at our stations.

TransLink has also developed the MyTransLink app which provides live information on Queensland Rail services as well as TransLink bus, ferry and tram services. For further information or to download the app, please visit the Real time information page  on TransLink's website.

Queensland Rail's Citytrain services provide easy access to Queensland Rail Travel's long distance network via platform 10 at Roma Street station. To plan your journey on our long distance network, please visit Queensland Rail Travel's website  or call 1300 131 722 (7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, closed Christmas Day).