Free Wi-Fi

​​​Queensland Rail provides free Wi-Fi on our newer trains, if you're in a train that offers free Wi-Fi there will be signage visible in the carriage.

You can catch-up with the latest news, browse your favourite websites, check your email or get the latest transport information.

How to connect

If you find yourself in one of our our Wi-Fi enabled carriages, follow these instructions to start using our free Wi-Fi service:

Step 1
Make sure that you are in a stable position within the carriage.

Step 2
Ensure your device is turned on and has its wireless signal/ switch activated.

Step 3
Go to the Available Wireless Network Connection List as displayed on your device.

Step 4
Navigate to 'Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi' from the list and then select 'connect'.

Step 5
Open your internet browser and you will be directed to the Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi landing page. If the landing page does not connect, please browse to a non secure (https) website like which will then direct you to the landing page. The Terms and Conditions of use will be displayed and must be accepted before you can use the Free Wi-Fi service. Please note that depending on the device you are using, the landing page may appear automatically.

Step 6
Once the terms and conditions are accepted, you will be taken to the free Wi-Fi launch page. You can then navigate away from this page and use your free Wi-Fi.

Should you exhaust your data allocation, you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Your connection will be reset 4 hours after you first started using the service.

More information

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