Travelling with prams and bags


​​Prams and strollers

At the station 
  • When entering a gated station, please see a station staff member who can help​ you through the fare gate, or use the wider accessible fare gates
  • At many of our stations the middle of the platform is raised to make getting on the train easier
  • Keep your pram parallel (sideways) to the tracks and well behind the yellow line on the platform 
  • Apply the pram brakes while waiting on the platform 


  • Ensure the child is secured with pram harness
  • Board the train with the pram in front of you, lifting the front wheels over the gap
  • If you have an older child with you, please ask them to hold your hand or the pram and help them step safely over the gap​

On the train 

  • Park the pram or stroller with its brakes on and keep the aisles clear
  • Ensure the child is secure in the pram or stroller harness
  • If you are occupying an allocated space please vacate it if needed by a person using a mobility aid​

Exiting the train

  • Ensure your child is secured and older children are holding on to the pram, or your hand, to exit together
  • When exiting the train, step out first then pull the pram towards you, rear wheels first​

Assisted boarding

  • If you would prefer to use a ramp to board the train with your pram or stroller Queensland Rail offers assisted boarding to customers on request
  • Please ask station staff and let them know where you are travelling to so they can arrange the ramp for you to get off the train
  • Please wait at the assisted boarding point on the platform, shown by the international symbol for access, a white wheelchair on a blue background. It is usually near the middle of the platform
  • At many stations, it will be in the higher section of the platform to make getting on the train easier
  • Depending on the train type you may either be helped by station or onboard staff
  • Please wait until the ramp is in place and stable before pushing the pram in front of you onto the ramp
  • Please see more safety tips about travelling with children​ as well as rail safety education resources

Luggage and shopping

You are permitted to travel on all South East Queensland train services with luggage and shopping bags, provided there is space to do so. At stations please use the lift facilities where available, or the ramp, when travelling with luggage.​