Train etiquette

Queensland Rail launched the Customer Charter in December 2010. It's our commitment to customers across five key areas including safety, time, information, surroundings and customer service.

As part of this commitment, we released an etiquette campaign to address the top 15 behavioural issues our customers experience on the Citytrain network. It tackles onboard issues such as feet on seats, priority seating, littering, eating, standing aside to allow others to disembark, noisy behaviour and bags on seats and in walkways, amongst others.

Train etiquette is about influencing the customers who disturb the journey for other travellers to ensure that everyone's journey on the Citytrain network is as pleasant and comfortable as it can be.

Train etiquette 15 behaviours

  1. Keep your feet on the floor, do not put feet on seats.
  2. If you are occupying a Priority Seat, vacate the seat for someone who has a disability, is elderly, pregnant or carrying young children.
  3. Take your rubbish off the train when you disembark.
  4. Do not consume food or drinks (other than water) on the train.
  5. When you are waiting to board the train, stand aside to let customers disembark the train first.
  6. Arrive at the platform at least five minutes prior to the departure time of your train.
  7. If you are occupying a designated a wheelchair space by sitting or standing in it, or with bags, bicycles or prams, you must vacate the space for a person in a wheelchair.
  8. Refrain from having loud conversations, talking on mobile phones or listening to loud musical devices when travelling in a quiet carriage, and keep noise to a minimum in all other carriages.
  9. Allow more customers to board the train during busy periods by moving down the walkway inside the carriage.
  10. Place your bag on your knee or under the seat, not on the seat, to allow room for others to sit down.
  11. Ensure the safety of other customers by keeping bags out of walkways and away from train doors at all times.
  12. If you are occupying a seat next to the walkway, stand to allow customers to pass you when they are disembarking the train, or if they wish to sit in the window seat.
  13. Do not take bicycles on the train during peak periods.
  14. Allow other customers to disembark the train before you, do not push or barge.
  15. Move along the platform and board the first or last carriages on the train to alleviate congestion on the middle carriages.