Train etiquette

Loud conversations in the 'Quiet Carriage', feet or bags on seats, and not waiting your turn to board are among the top train etiquette gripes reported to Queensland Rail.

The majority of Queensland Rail's customers do the right thing every day, by considering their fellow passengers and displaying great train etiquette. For the small number of travellers who do disrupt the journey for others, we would like to introduce them to our top travel tips to ensure everyone has a comfortable journey.

Travel tips

  • Arrive at the station a few minutes early.
  • Spread out along the platform to avoid congestion in the middle carriages and help customers board quickly.
  • Wait for others to disembark first.
  • Quiet in the 'Quiet Carriage' – please do not talk loudly or play loud devices and keep noise to a minimum in all other carriages. 
  • Place your bag on your lap or under your seat.
  • Get ready to disembark prior to your station.
  • Please keep your feet on the floor, and not on seats.
  • Please vacate Priority Seating for people with a disability, seniors, pregnant woman or adults carrying children.
  • If you are occupying a designated wheelchair space by sitting or standing in it, or with bags, bicycles or prams, you must vacate the space for a person in a wheelchair.
  • You can travel with a bicycle or e-scooter during peak. Please travel only in the first and last carriages on six-car trains (not permitted on three-car trains) and board via the first or last train door.
  • Please stay with your bike or e-scooter at all times and ensure access to priority areas and seating, aisles and doorways is kept clear.
  • Do not consume food or drinks (other than water) on the train.
  • Take your rubbish with you when you disembark.
  • Always ensure the safety of other customers by keeping bags out of walkways and away from train doors.
  • If you are occupying a seat next to the walkway, stand to allow customers to pass you when they are disembarking the train, or if they wish to sit in a window seat.