Your safety and security is our priority

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your safety and security is our priority. Queensland Rail and Queensland Police Service have multiple teams dedicated to keeping Queensland Rail customers and employees safe. We want you to feel safe knowing our teams are here for your safety and security on our network, no matter your destination or time of travel.​

​​Security personnel

Authorised Officers

Authorised officers proactively patrol trains, stations and car parks across the rail network, working in partnership with the Queensland Police Railway Squad. Authorised officers manage and deter anti-social behaviour on Queensland Rail property and on-board trains all the way from Varsity Lakes to Cairns.

Some authorised officers are trained as rail corridor protection officers, to enable them to conduct patrols within the rail corridor, targeting graffiti, trespassing and other security issues.

They have powers to issue infringement notices for certain behaviours and their role is to get you to your destination safely.

Video - Meet Claire an Authorised Officer with Queensland Rail and learn more about her role in keeping customers, staff and the network safe.

Queensland Police Railway Squad

Queensland Rail has a proud and longstanding relationship with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Railway Squad officers have specialised training and resources, operating in teams across the rail network. They proactively patrol trains, stations and car parks.

There are eight purpose-built QPS outposts located throughout the South East Queensland network. Each outpost is fully equipped and has many resources to assist in the rail environment including off-road motorbikes, the Mobile Policing Facility and much more, all there to keep customers and employees safe.

QPS Intelligence, Detection Dogs, Liaison, and Crime Prevention functions, all work in partnership with Queensland Rail to enhance your safety and security.

Video - Jason is a Queensland Police Railway Squad Officer, hear about his role at Queensland Rail and how he contributes to safety and security.

Private Security Officers

Security officers proactively patrol guardian train services, and mobile security officers patrol stations and car parks across the rail network. They are a highly visible presence, working with the Security Monitoring team at the Rail Management Centre to patrol where they are needed the most.

If you are travelling after dark, choose a guardian train. These services are advertised in the timetable and include security officers onboard for most or all of the journey. Selected rail services leaving Central station after 7pm from Sunday to Thursday and most timetable services on Friday and Saturday night are guardian trains.

Video - Hannah is a SecureCorp Mobile Security Officer who works in partnership with Queensland Rail, increasing security for all.

Security Monitoring Team

The Security Monitoring team is only the push of a button away if you need assistance when travelling with Queensland Rail by using the emergency help phones located on station platforms, or via the emergency intercom onboard in every train carriage.

There are more than 12,000 CCTV cameras and help phones around the network being monitored 24 hours seven days a week, to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees while travelling on the network.

They work closely with the Mobile Security team and Queensland Police Railway Squad to ensure personnel are where they are needed the most.

Video - Simon is part of the Securty Monitoring team, they have eyes on the whole network and work closely with other security teams across the network.

​​​​​To find out more about security, including station core zones, emergency phones and reporting security incidents please see Security intiatives.​

​​The campaig​n 

Launched for Rail Safety Week in August 2023, the campaign acknowledges and celebrates the security personnel who help ensure the safety and security of customers and employees. Dedicated Rail Squad officers, together with the Security Monitoring team, authorised officers and private security teams are working hard to keep you safe.  ​​