Security personnel


At Queensland Rail, we are looking out for your safety and security on every journey.

Rail Squad, Queensland Police Service

Queensland Rail have a proud and longstanding relationship with the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Eight purpose-built Police outposts are located at train stations and officers are specifically trained to work in a rail environment.

Most visibly for customers, Rail Squad Officers patrol stations, carparks and trains around the network, with specialist Rail Squad Police investigating and preventing crime on the network.

Dog Squad, Queensland Police Service

Specialised police dogs are trained to search for cash, firearms, drugs and explosives. Their instinct and keen sense of smell make them a perfect addition to our team ensuring the safety and security of our customers and staff.

​Security and Emergency teams

Our security team is only the press of a button away when using the emergency help phone located on station platforms, or the emergency intercom onboard our trains. 

We also have more than 12,000 CCTV cameras around the network, to monitor the safety and security of our customers and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Queensland Rail's operational staff include drivers, train guards and station staff. Feel free to approach station staff or train guards with any queries or concerns you may have whilst on stations or trains. Train guards are to be found at the end of the third carriage on three car units, and at the front of the fourth carriage on six car units.

Authorised Officers

Authorised Officers patrol trains and stations across the network. Their focus is on the safety and security of customers and infrastructure. They manage and deter nuisance and low level behavioural offences on Queensland Rail property, such as smoking, consumption of alcohol, graffiti, trespass and illegal track crossings.

They have Authorised Person powers under legislation, which enables them to give a direction to leave a railway and prepare warning and Penalty Infringement Notices for various offences such as fare evasion. Some Authorised Officers are trained as Rail Corridor Protection Officers, to enable them to conduct patrols within the rail corridor, targeting graffiti, trespass and other security issues.

Private Security Officers

Queensland Rail deploys approximately 200 private security contractors across City network services and stations.

A Private Security Officer’s role is to deter crime and inappropriate behaviour and provide appropriate assistance in the event of a security incident.

Under normal operating conditions, Private Security Officers patrol Citytrain network services for the complete duration of the service. These services are identified as Guardian Trains on your train timetable.