Frequently asked questions

​​Q. What is Wi-Fi?

A. Wi-Fi is a networking technology that uses radio frequency to allow you to connect to the internet when you are in a wireless hotspot location.

Q. How do I know if my train has Wi-Fi?

You will know that you are in a Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi carriage from the signage located in the carriage as well as external stickers next to the doors.

Q. Are there any limitations I should know about?

To ensure that our free Wi-Fi service runs smoothly and fairly for all of our customers, each customer has been allocated a limit of 60MB of data usage per session. There is limited bandwidth available from trains and this data limit gives each customer a fair share.

We have also limited access to websites that either requires large amounts of bandwidth or that contains material that could be deemed inappropriate.

Q. What happens once I use my data allocation?

Should you exhaust your 60MB data allocation, you will be notified. At that point, all internet access will be blocked.

Your connection will be reset after 4 hours after you first started using the service and you will be able to again connect to the Wi-Fi network with another 60MB data allocation.

Q. Why has my data allocation been exhausted so quickly?

The amount of data included in websites vary greatly. Images that look small may be high resolution and consume large amounts of data. Some sites also transfer large amounts of data that is not visible to the user.

Some devices have automatic updates to applications and automatic email download which could utilise the data. These features can be disabled via the device settings.

Q. How secure is this service?

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that this service is secure, we recommend that you ensure that you have robust and current Anti-virus software and personal firewalls installed on your device before using the Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi service.

Q. Why can’t I open certain websites?

We have blocked websites that we consider offensive to protect you and other train travellers, including children.

Some sites may be inadvertently blocked. If you consider that a site should not be blocked please submit a feedback form and we will review the site.

Q.I have found a site that should be blocked, can you block this?

Please submit a feedback form and we will review the site. 

Q. My device can connect to “Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi” but I cannot browse the internet or the connection is slow.

The free Wi-Fi service uses a number of carriers to connect to the internet and we offer good coverage over most of the Queensland Rail Citytrain network.

Q. My work phone cannot connect to “Queensland Rail Free Wi-Fi”

Businesses often use secure private connections for their phones for email and other communications. (Blackberry phones are commonly used for this purpose). We have blocked these connections as they can be used to bypass the content filtering we have for user protection.

Q. Why is chat blocked?

Many chat services offer voice or video streaming. These can consume large amounts of bandwidth and we have blocked these to ensure everyone has fair access to the Wi-Fi service.

Q. iMessage does not work for me

iMessage text works, however, iMessage video has been blocked due to the large amounts of bandwidth.

Q. Why are games blocked?

Many games and game downloads can consume large amounts of bandwidth and some games may contain unsuitable content. At this stage, we are not able to selectively unblock suitable games only.

Q. Why is it taking so long to be available on all trains?

The Queensland Government has invested $6.5m in providing free Wi-Fi service on 64 of our modern trains. This is approximately a third of Queensland Rail’s fleet.

Q. I don’t believe that my line is getting a fair split of Wi-Fi trains

We don’t intentionally schedule Wi-Fi trains to particular lines. Train assignment to lines is random.

Q. Who do I contact for technical support Issues?

If you are having difficulty connecting for the first time we suggest you first consult your device’s manual or contact the device manufacturer for specific instructions.

If you’ve followed the “How to connect” steps on this website in conjunction with the device’s user manual and still can’t connect, you can contact us in a number of ways for support:

We value your input and your reporting of issues can assist us in maintaining a reliable service.