Customer feedback

​​​​​​​Queensland Rail welcomes information directly from our customers including suggestions, inquiries, compliments, or feedback. Your input contributes to our continuous improvement, so please take a moment to let us know how we're doing.​

Translink is responsible for collecting and documenting all public transport feedback, including Queensland Rail. Translink actively manages complaints, compliments, and feedback about services within the South East Queensland Network, addressing areas such as safety, security, ticketing, and customer service.​

To provide feedback to Translink directly please:

       • use the Translink feedback and inquiry form or
       • phone Translink​ on​​​ 13 12 30​

Our approach

Queensland Rail is committed to:

  • Acknowledging the importance of customer feedback
  • Providing an accessible avenue for people to provide feedback or raise concerns about matters relating to Queensland Rail​
  • Ensuring all feedback is managed fairly, promptly, sensitively,​ and efficiently.

Please visit the​ Customer Feedback Guidelines for further information.​​

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