Our organisation


Queensland Rail has been connecting communities since 1865 and supporting local jobs, industries, and economies. We are committed to delivering world-class rail services for our customers, that are safe and reliable.

With total assets of $9.3 billion and a network that extends more than 6,600 kilometres (km) across the state, we are also focused on delivering our services efficiently and sustainably to create value for our customers and Queenslanders.

Our 7,500-strong workforce delivers services across our South East Queensland (SEQ) and Regional networks, including Travel and Tourism services, and freight. 

Our SEQ business provides 8,392 services each week, supporting our customers to reach their destination safely and on time. Across the last financial year (FY23), 42.86 million passenger trips were taken on the SEQ network, an increase of 33.7 percent when compared with FY22.

The regional commuter and rail tourism markets are serviced by the Travel and Tourism team. There are eight services connecting regional communities across Queensland with other regional centres and South East Queensland. These services support the Queensland tourism industry through the provision of unique rail tourism experiences. 

Our Regional business provides rail access for freight operators supporting the critical transport of resources and general freight across the state. 

We are proud of the role we play in providing vital passenger, tourism, and freight services and we are dedicated to ensuring our systems, procedures, and practices reflect the highest standards of corporate governance.

Established under the Queensland Rail Transit Authority Act 2013 (Qld) (QRTA Act), Queensland Rail is a statutory authority for the purposes of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 (Qld) and the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982 (Qld). 

The QRTA Act sets out the functions of Queensland Rail. These include:

  • management of railways;
  • provision of rail transport services, including passenger services; and
  • construction and maintenance of rail transport infrastructure. 

Access to some of our network is regulated through an access undertaking given to the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).