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Authorities Approvals and Accountabilities (PDF)4/08/2023
Brand Communications and Media (PDF)4/08/2023
Customer (PDF)4/08/2023
Environment and Sustainability (PDF)4/08/2023
Finance (PDF)4/08/2023
Fraud and Corruption Control4/08/2023
Information (PDF)4/08/2023
People (PDF)4/08/2023
Performance Payment Policy Eligible Employees (PDF)4/08/2023
Protective Security (PDF)4/08/2023
Risk Management (PDF)4/08/2023
Safety (PDF)4/08/2023
Strategic Asset Management (PDF)4/08/2023

Code of conduct

Queensland Rail has a code of conduct for employees dealing with our customers, contractors, suppliers and communities in which we work.

The code of conduct applies to all in Queensland Rail from the Board of Directors down. It also applies to consultants and contractors providing a service to Queensland Rail.

Code of Conduct Standard (PDF)5/10/2023

​Guidelines for Providing Service to Customers

Customer Feedback Policy (PDF)1/03/2015


Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblowing (PDF)26/07/2023
Conflicts of Interest (PDF)18/11/2022
Gifts Benefits and Entertainment (PDF)26/07/2023
Trading in Securities (PDF)24/10/2022

Release of Information

Queensland Rail has made a commitment to providing the community with greater access to information held by us or under our control , unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information. Click here for more information.

Ethics and Integrity

Queensland Rail promotes a culture in which ethical conduct is expected, encouraged and supported by everyone and a business environment that is free of fraud and corruption. Members of the public concerned about inappropriate activities should contact the Crime and Corruption Commission or ethics@qr.com.au


With more than 6000 employees, approximately $7 billion in fixed and other assets, and more than 6500 kilometres of track, Queensland Rail is an integrated customer and rail infrastructure business servicing the passenger, tourism and freight customer markets throughout Queensland.

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Note: These documents, policies and procedures may be currently under revision. Please continue to revisit this website to obtain up to date versions as they are made available.