Protective Security

‚ÄčOur Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring the personal security of our customers and our people, and the physical security of our assets and infrastructure, by:

  • enhancing the protections provided to our customers, people and physical assets;
  • complying with legal and regulatory obligations relating to protective security and Counter Terrorism;
  • ensuring we provide sufficient security measures to minimise security incident frequency whilst enhancing customer perceptions and employee awareness of effective protective protocols, and
  • adapting and improving our protective security measures based on changing security threats.

What we will do

To establish the optimum benchmark for protective security in an operating railway environment, we will:

  • implement a Protective Security Framework with plans and procedures that enable the holistic management of security risks;
  • implement systems and processes to ensure compliance with applicable laws and assures compatibility with human rights;
  • manage security risks through the application of situational crime prevention principles, crime prevention through environmental design and operational security planning;
  • provide assurances to the Board through a process of formal audits, exercises, annual reviews and testing of protective security documentation and associated requirements;
  • develop and implement appropriate training programs to ensure awareness of potential threats;
  • manage our response to security incidents, including the collation and analysis of security incident data and reporting of security incidents in accordance with legislative requirements;
  • improve customer, community and employee perceptions of security on the Queensland Rail network through targeted engagement, targeted communications and visible operational deployments, and
  • develop and foster strategic partnerships to ensure Queensland Rail is well positioned to leverage and learn from these relationships to improve security performance on our railway.