Corporate governance

Queensland Rail is a statutory authority established under the Queensland Rail Transit Authority Act 2013 (Qld) (QRTA Act) and is a statutory body for the purposes of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 (Qld) and the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982 (Qld). Queensland Rail discharges its statutory functions through its wholly-owned subsidiary Queensland Rail Limited (QRL). QRL does not employ any personnel, but owns all non-employee related assets and contracts. It performs the role of rail transport operator under the Rail Safety National Law (Queensland) Act 2017. The Board Members of Queensland Rail are also appointed as Directors of QRL.

The Board is accountable to two responsible Ministers for the successful operation of Queensland Rail: the Honourable Cameron Dick MP, Treasurer and Minister for Investment and the Honourable Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads. An Operational Plan and Strategic Plan are prepared and submitted by the Board each year for responsible Ministers’ approval in accordance with the QRTA Act. The Operational Plan is a formal performance agreement between Queensland Rail and responsible Ministers detailing proposed undertakings and target performance for the financial year.

Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring that its systems, procedures and practices reflect the highest standards of corporate governance. The Queensland Rail Board has adopted the principles and recommendations set out in the Corporate Governance Guidelines for Government Owned Corporations. The Guidelines provide a framework for Queensland Rail to develop, implement, review and report on its corporate governance arrangements.

Our business structure

Board Charter

The Board has adopted a Board Charter which sets out the role and responsibilities of the Board and the responsibilities of individual Board Members.

Board committee charters

The Board has established the Audit and Risk Committee, People and Safety Committee and Organisational Performance and Strategy Committee to assist in the effective discharge of its responsibilities.

The Board has approved separate charters for each of the committees setting out their roles and responsibilities, membership and structure.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Queensland Rail is focused on ensuring modern slavery does not occur in our operations and supply chains and are committed to complying with our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Modern Slavery Act).

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