Brand, Communications and Media

​​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring its brand and image are consistently used in accordance with the expectations of the Board and responsible Ministers, and that we communicate with our stakeholders (including customers and the media) in a proactive, timely, transparent and respectful manner.

What we will do

To protect and enhance Queensland Rail’s profile and reputation, we will:

  • present the Queensland Rail brand and image in a way that is consistent with the vision, values and behaviours determined by the Board
  • represent the Queensland Rail brand in line with the Government's objectives
  • proactively communicate with internal and external stakeholders; including providing guidance on the correct use of Queensland Rail's brand identity
  • provide timely, accurate and consistent information to relevant stakeholders
  • respond to information requests including media enquiries in a timely, informative and disciplined manner; and
  • be open, transparent and accountable.