​​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail recognises that our people are our greatest assets. We are committed to ensuring our workplace is an inclusive, collaborative and productive environment where our people work together to help Queensland Rail achieve its strategic and operational objectives.

What we will do

We want our people to be accountable, proud and committed to delivering better outcomes for Queensland Rail and the people of Queensland. We have a high performance culture which:

  • consistently reinforces our values and appropriate behaviours as the way we work together
  • strives for a workplace that respects human rights and is free of discrimination, harassment and violence
  • enables our people to understand Queensland Rail’s expectations of its people
  • encourages a diverse, fit and healthy workforce
  • engages all employees in their development and continuous learning
  • identifies and selects the right people, at the right time, in the right place based on principles of merit, equity and diversity
  • provides strong, visible leadership
  • values constructive behaviours
  • appropriately recognises and rewards outstanding performance
  • allows for a reasonable work / life balance
  • enables a consultative relationship between our people and their representatives​
  • ensures unsatisfactory performance and / or inappropriate behaviour is managed appropriately, and
  • allows Queensland Rail to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.