Authorities, Approvals and Accountabilities

​Our commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring its decision-making and approval processes are robust and defensible and that our people are appropriately empowered to perform their roles in order to contribute to the achievement of the organisation’s strategic and operational objectives. Appropriate delegations of authority help ensure authority is properly exercised in a manner that is transparent, accountable and reflective of Queensland Rail and its subsidiary Queensland Rail Limited’s administration of public funds.

What we will do

To enable informed, timely and defensible decision making, we will:

  • recognise the authority reserved to responsible Ministers and the Queensland Rail Board;

  • specify the authority delegated by the Board to the Queensland Rail CEO and to other positions within the organisation;

  • designate the manner in which delegated authority is to be exercised, both on a financial, risk and functional basis, particularly in relation to the granting of approvals;

  • identify accountabilities and guiding principles that are to govern the exercise of delegated authority in accordance with Queensland Rail’s policies and procedures;

  • empower our people and promote a culture of accountability and responsibility, and good governance, and transparency;

  • ensure all expenditure is reasonable, achieving optimum value-for-money outcomes at all times and is otherwise able to withstand public scrutiny; and

  • periodically review the  authority framework to ensure it remains aligned with Queensland Rail’s systems and business processes to facilitate informed and agile decision making.