​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to providing rail services that support the transport needs of customers and connect communities across Queensland. Our aim is to deliver world-class rail services for our customers.​

What we will do

Our goals are to:​

  • Grow patronage and increase freight volumes on rail

  • Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction across all passenger services

  • Sustain on-time running and reliability across our network. 

To deliver upon our commitments to our customers and meet the goals we have set, Queensland Rail will:

  • provide leadership, resources and training to support positive customer experiences.

  • make it easier for our customers to engage with us and utilise our services through all phases of their journey.

  • use data to generate insights to amplify the voice of the customers, increasing organisational understanding of customer needs and expectations, now and into the future.

  • integrate the voice of customers into planning, investment and delivery processes.

By delivering upon our customer policy, Queensland Rail will create a world-class rail service for our customers.