​​​Our Commitment

At Queensland Rail, one of our core values is that we Act safely.​  Our vison is Safety Comes First. Always.  Our commitments are:

  • Accountability - we take personal accountability for the safety of ourselves, colleagues, customers and the public.
  • Planning - we plan work to ensure it is carried out safely and we constantly review our safety performance and lessons learned for improvement opportunities.
  • Capability - we ensure people have the required information, skills and equipment to work safely.
  • Leadership - we provide visible safety leadership and never walk past an unsafe act; and
  • Innovation - We foster innovation to find new ways to improve safety and we align our capital investment to strategic safety outcomes.

These commitments are supported through the delivery of key activities aligned to four strategic safety enablers, these being, Leadership, Learning, Capability and Risk Reduction.

What we will do

In order to deliver this commitment, we will:

  • identify and manage our safety risks using an established hierarchy of controls
  • comply with all relevant safety laws and implement systems that meet these requirements
  • continue to implement safety improvement programs to drive continuous risk reduction and improved safety outcomes for our customers, personnel and general public
  • establish measurable safety targets and monitor performance against the targets
  • provide training, education and awareness to develop the capability of our people
  • effectively consult with affected persons about decisions that impact their safety and ensure that all relevant safety information is effectively disseminated
  • continually improve our Safety and Environment Management System and the capability of those who drive its implementation
  • actively develop, promote and maintain a culture where people choose to be safe; and
  • promote health and safety within Queensland Rail and extend this ethos to the communities in which we live and work.