Fraud and Corruption Control

​​​​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to ensuring that the highest level of integrity and ethical standards are applied in all our business interactions and does not tolerate corrupt conduct, fraudulent activities or maladministration.

Employees are expected to conduct business activities within the legislative guidelines, organisational standards and not engage in fraudulent activities or corrupt conduct that will be contrary to Queensland Rail's Values and Code of Conduct.

Queensland Rail is committed to minimising the incidence of fraud and corruption through the identification of risk and the development, implementation and regular review of a range of preventative and detective strategies.  Queensland Rail will take appropriate action against those who perpetrate fraud or engage in corrupt conduct against the organisation.

Queensland Rail will protect those individuals including staff, visitors, volunteers and contractors who provide information on suspected fraudulent and corrupt activities.

What we will do

Queensland Rail will:

  • identify fraud and corruption risk areas and develop our understanding of fraud materiality and corrupt conduct issues through the implementation of a Fraud and Corruption Control Plan which will be reviewed every two years
  • encourage and promote professional and ethical business practice through education and awareness programs for all staff, visitors, volunteers and contractors
  • clearly define the reporting and decision making processes for suspected instances of fraud and corrupt conduct
  • use all reasonable avenues to recover money or property lost as a result of illegal activity
  • undertake fraud investigations and apply administrative procedures and/or prosecute persons and/or organisations for any fraud or corruption offences
  • facilitate identification of fraud and corruption through regular review of our operations and benchmarking activities; and
  • ensure that the Fraud and Corruption Control Plan is aligned to and supports the Queensland Rail Code of Conduct MD-10-62.